Internship in the Teacher Education program

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Internship Program

The internship program operates in the Teacher Training program at the School of Education. The program is structured according to the internship procedures established by the Department of Teaching Specialization in the Ministry of Education. As part of the internship program, interns meet at Bar-Ilan University once every two weeks for a four-hour workshop. The workshop is led by academic staff members who have personal teaching experience in schools. The instructors have broad and appropriate training in the field of group facilitation, conflict resolution, and professional self-development in a school environment. Internship coordinators maintain personal contact with the intern teacher mentors, in order to provide customized specialization processes.


Aim of the workshop

The purpose of the workshop in an academic framework is to create a protected "academic-theoretical learning space". The workshop enables a planned combination of theory and practice by promoting supportive professional coping in situations of uncertainty by (1) Integrating intelligent thinking with complex approaches of case studies relevant to the experience of the interns and (2) providing practical tools for solving them.

The workshop is structured to equip interns with the practical-professional knowledge needed based on the theoretical knowledge that they acquired in the Teacher Education program and during their bachelor's degree studies. Throughout the workshop, interns develop critical thinking, in-depth understanding, awareness and insight into attitudes, behaviors, and personal motives.

All these are required to develop teaching capabilities in various subjects, at the same time developing skills in a variety of interpersonal interactions with students, teachers, and parents required in teaching.


Key topics discussed in the workshop 

  1. Recognition and management of the processes of transition and change, from the viewpoint of students and teachers; Cognitive and emotional aspects and practical applications
  2. Acquaintance with the organizational-pedagogical structure, attitudes, and goals of schools; Exercise of judgment regarding the organizational-pedagogical procedures
  • Learning and recognition of processes related to  social charting in the relevant areas of teaching: attitudes and perceptions about the basic concepts of human dignity, authority and dependence, responsibility, partnership and participation, work and wages, career, teaching and learning, pedagogical knowledge, disciplinary knowledge, and procedures of interaction with students, colleagues, and parents.
  • Creating a framework of needs and formulating objectives in feasible sequences in accordance with workplace situations.
  • Understanding of personal resources and conduct in times of transition and crisis and their uses in situations such as uncertainty, frustration, the pressure of time, emotional stress, and feelings of anger and disappointment, when experiencing extreme events.
  • Development of decision-making processes customized for a career


Interns who require approval for being entitled to 80% of the degree studies can withdraw a certificate stating such from Mador Talam in the University.


Manager of the Teacher Internship program: Dr. Orly Michael

Coordinator of the Teacher Education program: Mrs. Avital Berkovitz-Snai

Building 905, 2nd floor, room 207


Reception hours

Sundays and Wednesdays, 11:30-14:00

Mondays and Thursdays, 8:30-10:30

On Tuesdays there is no reception


For further questions and registration: 03-5318442