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Meira Eizenhamer   ACADEMIC BACKGROUND                                                    

Ph.D. - Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Supervisor:  Prof. Z. Dor-Shav & Prof. Y. Iram

M.A. – Major in Counselling, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

B.A. - Bar-Ilan University, Israel


Hebrew Publications:

Eizenhamer, M. (1999).  Constructing a team to work on structural units via educational changes in the "Teacher's Room".  Theory into Practice in Curriculum Planning, 14, 30-42 (Hebrew).


Eizenhamer, M. (2009). What distinguishes the first year of teaching in professional development? Mofet Institute Yearbook, 38, 57-59 (Hebrew).


Eizenhamer, M. (2014). The place of practical experience in training: Simulation as a tool for promoting training practice. Bimat Diyun, 53, 39-43 (Hebrew).






1986                SCRIPT - The influence of "further reading" method on (3rd - 6th grade) pupils in "general reading comprehension" and "reading comprehension in disciplinary texts"


1990                SCRIPT - a key for text analysis, as a tool for planning teaching


1998                SCRIPT - The structure of values and reading orientation of teachers and the relationships between them


2000                SCRIPT - Dimensional differences by readers and text


2000                A.Y.A.L.A. - Dimensional differences in reading in various disciplines


2001                IACE - Improving achievements in biblical reading comprehension through interactive learning of declarative and procedural knowledge


2001                8th International Facet Theory Conference - The relationships between values and readings orientation of high school teachers


2001                EARLI - Dimensional differences in reading in various disciplines


2002                Head, Script Conference - Bar-Ilan University, Ramat-Gan


2001                M. Eizenhamer & N. Maslowaty. The relationships between values and reading orientation of high school teachers. The 8th International Facet Theory Conference, Prague.                                                                                        


2001                M..Eizenhamer & I. Weiss. Improved achievement in biblical reading comprehension through interactive learning of Declarative and procedural knowledge. I A C E 8th Conference, Finland                                                                               



Fields of Interest


1.      Stages in the development of multi-cultural literacy among children and youth

2.      Dimensional differences in reading as a function of different disciplines

3.      Interaction between literacy, culture and context of students in junior and high schools

4.      Cross national differences in academic achievements regarding literacy

5.      Describing interactions between "correct reading" and "proper comprehension" by processing a disciplinary text

6.      Research and the application of simulation in education worldwide: Relevant characteristics in the diversified educational reality.

7.      The use of simulation according to the model at Bar Ilan University, as a tool for developing personal awareness, insight and practical training for conflictual interaction in teaching

8.      Identifying and locating relevant self traits to promote personal-professional training of student teachers

9.      Uniqueness of the simulation model of instruction in education at Bar Ilan University




1990                The Conin-Lunenfeld Cathedra, Bar-Ilan University


1990                The Ministry of Education, Israel, for Constructing Disciplinary Reading Comprehension, in Heterogeneous Classes


1995                The Conin-Lunenfeld Cathedra, Bar-Ilan University



Previous Professional Positions

1.      Training teachers in remedial teaching in different subjects in elementary schools

2.      Development and management of a training program in upper school education to integrate under-achieving students by means of developing disciplinary study and reading skills

3.      Training and supervision at upper schools for the Ministry of Education.



2003-2004       Management of the body for language and learning communication at the Institute of Integration, at the School of Education


1987-2008       Lecturer at the School of Education, Bar Ilan University

                        Fields of Instruction:   Methods of teaching reading

                                                                        Methods of remedial in-class instruction

                                                                        The teacher as a researcher

                                                                        Develop pedagogical thinking


2002 – 2011    Management of the Teacher in Training (Internship) program at the School of Education


2008-2010       Development of a simulation program for teacher interns at the Simulation in Medicine Center by the Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer


2011-2014       Development and management of the Halev Center, the Simulation in Education Unit at the School of Education, Bar Ilan University. Developed in cooperation with educators from the Ministry of Education.



Membership in Public Organizations


1998-2000       Member of the Board of Directors of the Secret in Dialogue Association which deals with dialogue in conflict situations in the Israeli society


2002-2004       Member of the Board of Directors of SCRIPT, the Israel Association for Literacy and Language


1998-2012       Member of Ofek Organization-Person-Group, he Israeli Association for the Study of Group and Organizational Processes


2005                National representative of the Internship Department in the Educators Administration of the Dovrat Commission of the Ministry of Education

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