The effects of mediation in computer assisted dynamic assessmen

Tzuriel, D.
This study examined the effects of the computer-assisted
dynamic assessment (DA) on cognitive performance as compared to DA
with an examiner. The DA approach is based on Feuerstein's mediated
learning experience theory and Tzuriel's DA approach with young
children. A sample of kindergarden children (n = 60) were assigned to
either a Computer Assisted (CA, n = 30) or Examiner Only (EO, n = 30)
groups. The sample was randomly chosen from three kindergardens in a
middle-SES area. Initial intelligence level of both groups was controlled
by matching their frequency distribution on the Raven's Colored
Progressive Matrices score. The CA group was administered the Think-in-
Order program, which is a multimedia program designed specifically for
this study and is based on the Children's Seriational Thinking
Modifiability (CSTM) test. The EO group was administered the CSTM
test by an examiner. The findings revealed that intervention involving
mediation processes in a CA dynamic assessment procedure was more
effective in bringing about significant cognitive changes than mediation
with only an examiner

Tzuriel, D. & Shamir, A. (2002)

The effects of mediation in computer assisted dynamic assessment. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning, 18 (1), 21-32.

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