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I would like to thank you and all the professional staff at the Simulation Center and express my/our appreciation. I can say, without exaggeration, that the workshops at the Simulation Center were a formative experience for us. The professionalism, from the planning stage, and the "stitching" of meetings according to our needs, enabled a day of learning/reflection and appeal that continues to influence our work. I would be happy to meet with you in connection with the upcoming year and build a joint program together.


Happy holidays,


Head of the School of Education

Levinsky College



I would like to share with you a powerful and meaningful experience that my group of beginning kindergarten teachers had at the simulation workshop on Sunday at Bar-Ilan University.

First of all, the warm and courtly reception we received, with a beautiful flower arrangement and light refreshments on the table created a sense of openness and closeness in a cordial space.

The professional staff guided the workshop to new and thought-provoking places. The actresses were professional and played the roles so convincingly that the experience became very meaningful and empowering. Our teachers cooperated and volunteered willingly and happily.

The scenarios were practical and fitted to the participants, which gave them confidence and taught them how to operate in a more professional manner ... actual tools for work.

It was interesting, eye-opening, and vibrant.

Many thanks to the organizers who enabled us to experience such meaningful learning. Thanks to Gali Nahari with whom I was in contact and took the time to personalize the simulation to our needs. And if we quote some of the girls "Thank you for taking us, it was amazing, gave us a new angle to see things.


Thank you,

Beit Berl College


I wanted to thank you for organizing and planning a meaningful and enjoyable day of learning last Tuesday. The group of teachers from the "Teach First Israel Program" expressed great appreciation for this method of learning and were very interested in returning to participate in another session in the second semester. The scenarios were largely based on real events that they were experiencing which allowed them to identify with the simulation. The students who chose to volunteer in the simulations felt they particularly benefitted. The cast of actors was excellent as well as the two teams' leaders. I, too, as the academic director of the program, had an opportunity to observe and get to know the students from another angle and to see their role in simulation and others as providers of feedback and as collaborators in their coping with similar situations.


Thank you also for the warm and welcoming hospitality of the entire staff,

Academic coordinator of the School of Education

And academic director of the Teach Israel First Program

Beit Berl College

Thanks for the workshops in the simulation center!

On behalf of the entire Ulpanit staff, I would like to thank you for a fascinating day at Bar-Ilan University.

The initial feeling set the tone for the entire meeting - warm and pleasant hospitality. With strict adherence to timetables, order, organization, and attention to the smallest details. The attention to detail gave our teachers the sense they were respected. 

During the workshop, the team was exposed to relevant content taken from their professional world, and the experiences were transferred in an experiential and professional manner. In addition, the feedback was important and led to deep personal and collective reflection. The team benefited from tools and insights for more effective conflict management and mediation.


In gratitude and many thanks,

Director of the Kfar Saba Harel Ulpanit


Re: Training course at the Simulator Center at Bar-Ilan University

Last night the pedagogical instructors of Lifshitz College underwent a training course in the simulation unit.

For many years, we have conducted three-hour courses of training 3-5 times a year for the staff. The purpose of those meetings was to improve the work of the pedagogical instructor.

Over the years we have undergone various types of activities that included sessions, analysis of events, and photographed events analysis. In every training I felt that "something is missing"! The simulation center in HaLev managed to touch on that "missing something".

During the four-hour workshop, we analyzed the three situations we raised. The simulation - unlike real-time filmed instruction - dealt with solving the problem, analyzing the problem but without the need for the person to enter a defensive place - "it's just a game of a few minutes."

I suppose that according to Edward de Bono's analysis, people develop thinking about events that are meaningful to them, quite close to their world but not part of their world. When a person is in a real situation, he is a "captive" - ​​here at the Simulator Center we managed to get out of captivity and feel free. I am sure that pedagogical instructors, interns, interns and, in effect, education workers, who will undergo a process at the Simulation Center will benefit greatly. Please send a congratulatory message to the staff of the instructors and the players!


In gratitude and many thanks,

The Pedagogic Training Center

Lifshitz College