About HaLev

The use of simulation and debriefing as a means of training professionals has been increasing in recent decades, particularly in the field of aviation, medicine, and senior management training. HaLev, The Center for Simulation in Education, is a unique and first-of-its-kind body in the field of training educators and teachers. The center trains educators to effectively manage conflicts and develop interpersonal communication skills such as building trust, listening and empathy, coping with resistance, mediation skills, crisis management, providing feedback, and conducting successful interviews (with interviewers, interviewees, etc.)

The experience through simulations is conducted in a safe and secure learning environment, with the participation of professional actors. Learning is based on clips of simulations and facilitates advancement and development both in the professional-disciplinary dimension and in the personal-emotional dimension.

In the simulation workshop, participants partake in simulations of conflict situations, with the participation of professional actors trained to embody the characters relevant to the participants' professional world (i.e. students, parents, and staff members). The simulations are based on conflictual, loaded, and complex situations adapted and/or developed according to the needs of the participants. 

The simulation workshops are held in small and intimate learning groups, in advanced technological studios which enable the simulations to be filmed. After the simulation experience, the group analyses and gives feedback to each other. This includes the viewer's own observation during the simulation, and a 360-degree feedback process: feedback from the experimenter through observation, receiving feedback from the team members, feedback from the players about their personal experiences with the experimenter and feedback from the group facilitator.

The learning does not end with the end of the workshop. We encourage participants to continue and deepen their learning after the workshop individually or in groups in the various work frameworks. For this purpose, we provide a full-length video of the simulation with its participation and the written reviews of the workshop participants and actors about the simulation.

The workshops take place in a safe and supportive learning environment, while greatly legitimizing the students' professional identity and defining a variety of courses of action.

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Samal Program - Simulation for Teaching

Over the years, senior staff members of the Ministry of Education and many of the presidents of academic colleges have participated in simulation workshops and examined the quality and effectiveness of the simulation workshops as a way to advance the training of educators and teachers.

In light of the understanding that The Center for Simulation in Education maintains meaningful and effective training programs for the advancement of the training, specialization and professional development processes, the Ministry of Education's Education Administration has created the "Semel - Simulation for Teaching" program. Groups of educators and teachers in all positions and ranks receive unique and effective learning, according to their needs, with the full support of the Education administration.


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Dr. Shira Eluz, Center manager, shira.eluz@biu.ac.il


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Tel: 03-5318461

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