Junior faculty

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Dr. Apel Zeev Lecturer, Head of the Program for training facilitators for group work with couples and family apelze@biu.ac.il
Mr. Arzi Arye Lecturer Arye.Arzi@gmail.com
Dr. Asif Tsemach Instructor tsemach@biu.ac.il
Dr. Bart Dorit Lecturer baratd@biu.ac.il
Dr. Bazak Shira Instructor shira.bazak@biu.ac.il
Dr. Ben Ezra Ilana Lecturer Ben_ezra@einhahoresh.org.il
Dr. Ben-Tzvi Uzan Instructor bentzvi@biu.ac.il
Dr. Bental Ayelet Lecturer ayelet.ayeletbental@gmail.com
Ms. Burstein-Touboul Zhanna Lecturer Zhanna.Burstein@biu.ac.il
Dr. Buzaglo Aharon Lecturer, Head of "Nachshonim" program abuzaglo@gmail.com
Dr. Chen Irit irihen@walla.com
Dr. Chen-Levi Tamar Lecturer Tamar.Chen@biu.ac.il
Dr. Cohen-Shalit Lecturer rotemshalit@gmail.com
Dr. Dadon-Golan Zehorit Lecturer zehorit.dadon@mail.biu.ac.il
Dr. David Ayelet ayeletshery@hotmail.com
Dr. Eitan Dganit Lecturer dganit.eytan@biu.ac.il
Dr. Etzion Dafna Lecturer dafnaetz@gmail.com
Dr. Fogel-Geva Irit Lecturer Irit.Fogel-Geva@biu.ac.il
Dr. Gil Amit Lecturer Gil.Amit@biu.ac.il
Dr. Goldratt Miri Lecturer Miri.Goldratt@biu.ac.il
Dr. Gross Ariel Lecturer Ariel.Gross@biu.ac.il
Dr. Gur Ayelet ayelet.gur@biu.ac.il
Dr. Har-Shoshanim Tal Lecturer Tal.Britbert@biu.ac.il
Dr. Hefer Michal Lecturer hefermic@gmail.com
Dr. Israelashvili Yaakov Y.Israelashvili@uva.nl
Dr. Izenberg Mali Lecturer Malieis@walla.com
Dr. Jagerman Nurit Lecturer Nuritj@netvision.net.il
Dr. Kahta Shani Lecturer Shani360kahta@gmail.com
Dr. Kasirer Anat Lecturer kasirer8@gmail.com
Ms. Katz Tova Lecturer tovakatz@netvision.net.il
Dr. Kelly-Ogen Anat Lecturer Anat.Ogen@biu.ac.il
Dr. Kimhi Yael Lecturer yael.kimhi@gmail.com
Dr. Klein Alex Lecturer Kleinj@biu.ac.il
Ms. Klung Tamar klungtamar@gmail.com
Ms. Lanesman Sarah saralanesman@gmail.com
Dr. Laor Noa Lecturer noa.laor@biu.ac.il
Dr. Levi - Shimon Shani Instructor Shanilevshim@gmail.com
Ms. Leviel Yael yaell@childrenatrisk.org.il
Dr. Levin Ariel Lecturer A3levin@gmail.com
Ms. Linor Mazrier-Rozberg Assistant Linor79@gmail.com
Dr. Manovitch Judith Lecturer, Head of Literature track in the Teacher Education Program manovichy@gmail.com
Dr. Michael Orly Lecturer orly.michael@biu.ac.il
Dr. Oppenhaim-Shachar Sigal Lecturer Sigal.Oppenhaim-Shachar@biu.ac.il
Dr. Patael Smadar Lecturer smadar.patael@biu.ac.il
Dr. Peled Smadar Lecturer pesmadar@zahav.net.il
Dr. Portugez Adi Lecturer adi.portugez@gmail.com
Dr. Reznick Julia Instructor julia.reznick@gmail.com
Dr. Rifinski Hagit Lecturer, Head of English Language track in the Teacher Education program rifinski@gmail.com
Ms. Rozenfeld Kraft Ravit Assistant ravitrk74@gmail.com
Ms. Samuel-Magle Keren Lecturer magikar@gmail.com
Ms. Schreiber Iris Lecturer, Head of Mathematics track in the Teacher Education program irisifi5@gmail.com
Ms. Shalom Maya Assistant maya.13x@gmail.com
Ms. Shinar Iris iris.shinar@gmail.com
Dr. Shrem Galit galitshr@gmail.com
Ms. Sinkevich Tali Lecturer tali.sin@hotmail.com
Mr. Topelberg Noam Lecturer, Head of Jewish Art track in the Teacher Education program noamtopelberg@gmail.com
Dr. Tsuriel Moria Lecturer Moria.Tsuriel@biu.ac.il
Mr. Wachs Hillel Lecturer hillel.wachs@biu.ac.il
Dr. Waniel Ariela Lecturer awaniel@gmail.com
Dr. Worman Hilel Lecturer whillel@hotmail.com
Dr. Yitzhaki Dafna Lecturer dafna.yitzhaki@gmail.com
Dr. Yosef Lea Lecturer Leayosef@gmail.com
Mr. Zahavi Mor mor@zahavi.xyz
Dr. Zeichner Orit Lecturer Orit.Zeichner@biu.ac.il
Dr. Zilka Gila Lecturer, Head of Social Science, Political Science, and Communications track in the Teacher Education Program gila.zilka@biu.ac.il