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The Bar-Ilan University School of Education is the largest of its kind in Israel and is ranked between the 150-200 best departments in the world by the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities.

We believe in preparing thoughtful leaders who bridge the gap between study and practice. Our students have a close mentoring relationship with faculty, staff, advisors, and students of all levels. On-hand training centers' research facilities and engaged academic faculty who are leaders in their fields give students a chance to build their professional portfolio during their studies. With over 2,000 students throughout the undergraduate (B.A.), graduate (M.A.), post-graduate (Ph.D.), and teacher vocational programs, we strive to shape leading educators and researchers as they continue to reform and advance educational practice for diverse communities around the world.

As well as a commitment to quality in research, education, and professional development, we believe in contributing to the world community through the design of research-based educational policy. Our committed faculty members are part of setting the standard of education in Israel. They participate in committees dedicated to the design of national programs in education and evaluation committees created by the Ministry of Education and local Israeli municipalities. They take an active role in professional committees, field committees, and Special Interest Groups (SIG) formed by research groups in Israel and worldwide. Our faculty members have been elected to head numerous national and international committees. They specialize in research and development (R&D) with a basis on qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methodology. 

One of the main characteristics of our school is the high quality of publications published in leading academic journals worldwide. Three notable members of our staff were awarded the Israel Prize: Prof' Reuven Feuerstein (1921-2014), Prof' Yaakov Rand (1926-2016), and Prof' Penina Klein (1945-2014). Furthermore, our researchers have been awarded prizes highlighting their contribution to the field of education worldwide.


Our in-depth programs and study tracks are designed to create empowered leaders in education. We offer:

Undergraduate studies:

  1. Education Management
  2. Special Education
  3. Education Counseling


Graduate studies:

  1. Learning Disabilities
  2. Special Education (general(
  3. Special Education (specialization in intellectual disability(
  4. Special Education (specialization in Autistic Spectrum Disorder)
  5. Child Development
  6. Educational Counseling
  7. Learning and Teaching Sciences
  8. Science Instruction and Curriculum
  9. Management and Development of Non-formal Education Systems
  10. Leadership, Organizational Development, and Policy in Education


Teaching certification:

  1. Biblical Studies
  2. English (language(
  3. History
  4. Arabic
  5. Social Sciences
  6. Biology
  7. Israel Studies
  8. Geography
  9. Chemistry
  10. Mathematics
  11. Language and Expression
  12. Literature
  13. Music
  14. Jewish Art



Last Updated Date : 22/07/2019