About the Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education at Bar-Ilan University is the leader in Israel and is ranked among the 150-200 best departments in the world according to the Shanghai index. About 2,000 students study in a variety of programs -  Undergraduate degree, graduate degrees (master's and PhD), and in the department of teacher training. In addition, every year about 2,000 more educators participate in the internship programs and professional development, including: teachers, counselors, principals, supervisors and principals of education departments and members of the third sector.

Three principles guide the Faculty of Education: Excellence in research and teaching, professional and evidence-based development of personnel in the various fields of education, contribution to the community and the design of education policy.

The faculty staff specializes in research and development (D&R) areas based on quantitative and qualitative methodologies. Field research is conducted alongside research in the many laboratories and institutes operating in the Faculty of Education. The intensive research of the academic staff faculty is reflected in the number of publications and their quality, four of whom - Prof. Reuven Feuerstein, Prof. Yaakov Rand, Prof. Pnina Klein and Prof. Zemira Mevarech - have won the Israel awards. Among many other researchers from the Faculty of Education who have also won prestigious awards. 

As well as a commitment to quality in research, education, and professional development, we have a social perception that advocates contributing to the community and educational leadership, while attempting to assist in shaping educational policies based on research evidence. The Faculty of Education welcomes students from all walks of life and sectors, and we assist with subsistence scholarships, excellence scholarships, and personal support for each and every one. Our faculty members participate in steering committees and evaluation committees of the Ministry of Education and local authorities. We take an active part in professional committees, professional committees, and interest groups (SIG) of research organizations in Israel and around the world. Our members are elected to chair national and international committees. Based on our research and experience, we contribute to the design of nationwide and school education policies.

The Faculty of Education also has dozens of institutes, laboratories and chairs. This activity strengthens research and development, the connection to the field in Israel and around the world, and contributes to the cultivation of skilled personnel. All centers place special emphasis on leadership and contribution to the community.


The study programs offered in the Faculty of Education:

Undergraduate studies:

  1. Leadership, Organizational Development, and Policy in Education
  2. Special Education
  3. Education Counseling
  4. Education - Double major

Undergraduate programs

Graduate studies:

  1. Learning Disabilities
  2. Special Education (general(
  3. Special Education (specialization in intellectual disability(
  4. Special Education (specialization in Autistic Spectrum Disorder)
  5. Child Development
  6. Educational Counseling
  7. Learning and Teaching Sciences
  8. Science Instruction and Curriculum
  9. Management and Development of Non-formal Education Systems
  10. Leadership, Organizational Development, and Policy in Education
  11. Neuroeducation

     Graduate programs 

Teaching certification:

  1. Bible Studies
  2. English (language(
  3. History
  4. Arabic
  5. Social Sciences
  6. Biology
  7. Israel Studies
  8. Geography
  9. Chemistry
  10. Mathematics
  11. Language and Expression
  12. Literature
  13. Music (multi-age)
  14. Jewish Art
  15. Physics
  16. Talmud
  17. Special Education
  18. Information and data

   Teacher Training programs