Teacher Education Program

Head of Program: Dr. Shira Iluz

The Teacher Training program aims to promote excellence in education and integration of university graduates from all disciplines in the education system. The variety of tracks offered enable optimal integration of high-level academic studies with training in the fields of education and pedagogy. We believe that the future lies in education. Studies in the Teacher Education program enable the utilization of personal abilities while making a significant contribution to the individual and society at large.

Teacher education courses (toward teaching certification in subjects taught in secondary school education) can be studied in addition to studies in bachelor's, master's, or Ph.D. degrees.

Upon completion of studies, it is possible to continue the internship and professional development while maintaining the continuity of studies and academic support of the program staff.

1. It is not possible to obtain a teaching certificate before completing all the requirements for a bachelor's degree.

2. Studies at the university are concentrated into one day. Fieldwork days are usually one day (unless otherwise required).

3. Each student is required to study general courses.


Teaching certification can be done in one or more specialization track (subjects) according to the following list:

Social Sciences: Political Science, Sociology, Criminology, Psychology, Economics, Combined program- Macro, Micro (individual), Communication, Geography and Environmental Studies, Land of Israel Studies, History

Jewish Studies: Bible, Talmud and Oral Law

Sciences: Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Computer Science, Information Technology

Hebrew: Literature, Language and Literacy

Foreign languages: English, Arabic

Art: Music, Jewish Art

Special Education Track


Details of the courses and programs can be obtained from the program secretary.

In addition, special tracks exist for master's degree and Ph.D. students.

The program secretary can counsel students on how to best choose a track of study. Additionally, students can receive exemptions in certain courses based on courses learned in the past.


1. Aim of studies

The Teacher Education program enables students to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical training in teaching. Students are trained to teach in their area of ​​specialization at the secondary school level: junior high and high school. Upon completion of studies, graduates receive teaching certification in addition to their degree.


2. Admissions requirements:

  1. Applicants must have completed at least one year of specialization in the studied track (subject).
  2. Applicants must have completed a degree in the field of specialization.
  3. Applicants must have an average grade of 75 and above in the specializations. Admission to the special education track has the requirements of a grade of 80 and above.
  4. Applicants must undergo an interview to check personal compatibility with teaching.
  5. Once admitted to the program, students must meeting the detailed requirements regarding the specialization track - such as compulsory courses, completion courses, etc.
  6. Graduates from other universities and colleges will be admitted only after receiving their bachelor's degree. Any completion courses students must take will be determined by the head of program, in coordination with the head of the specialization track.
  7. A unique program can be built for students learning toward or that have graduated from a master's degree or Ph.D.


3. Study program

The Teacher Education program spans two years of study (with the exception of special programs).

Studies in the program include theoretical and applied courses. During the course of studies, students undergo practical training in two stages: Teacher training (Stage A) and practical fieldwork (Stage B).

Exemption from courses: can be obtained on the basis of previous studies and according to the specialization track and up to a third of the program course load. For further details regarding the exemption, please contact the program's secretary.

Bachelor's degree students enrolled in the program are exempt from 4 course credit from the general courses taught in the degree program.


The following are the subjects in which you can specialize in a teaching certificate according to your degree studies:

Jewish art - as an expanded program, major, or minor

English - in literature or linguistics, only as an expanded program or as a major

Geography and environmental sciences - as an expanded program, major, or minor

History - as an expanded program, major, or minor

Chemistry - as an expanded program, major, or minor

Land of Israel Studies - as an expanded program, major, or minor

Language and expression - as an expanded program, major, or minor

Social Sciences - for students studying in an expanded program or major following departments: Sociology, Political Science, Economics, Interdisciplinary Micro Macro program, Psychology, Criminology, and Communication (completion courses will be determined by the head of specialization track).

Life Sciences - only when studied as an expanded program (Biology, Biotechnology, Brain Sciences - only when the subject is taught in the biology specialization track).

Computer Science and Information Technology - as an expanded program, major, or minor

Music - as an expanded program or major

Mathematics - as an expanded program or major

Literature - as an expanded program, major, or minor

Hebrew - only when studying literature and language

Arabic - only when it is taught as an expanded program or major (in the case of studying the track as a minor - only when this is the student's native language and with the prior approval of the head of the track)

Talmud and Oral Law - as an expanded program, major, or minor

Bible - as an expanded program, major, or minor

Please see the following as an example of the work in the Teacher Education Program:

The Journey to Poland 2013 - Holocaust Education: Journey Diary, Department of Teacher Education


For further details and for a consultation regarding the scope of studies, curriculum building, and registration, please contact the Teacher Education program at the School of Education:

Building 905, 2nd floor room 207

Reception hours-

Sunday, Wednesday - 11: 30-14: 00

Monday, Thursday - 8: 30-10: 30

There is no reception on Tuesday

Tel: 03-5318442


Mrs. Hagit Siri, Teacher Education program coordinator



Mrs. Avital Berkovitz-Snai, Teacher Education program coordinator