Teacher Education Program

We in the Teacher Education program believe that the future lies in education. Thus we invite you to a teaching certificate with disciplinary studies toward a BA in education, enabling you to contribute to the educational system from the broad knowledge base that you have acquired.


Program goals:

1.Imparting of theoretical and practical knowledge in the middle and high school teaching disciplines/

2.Professional development of teachers who will lead to change and renewal in teaching, with emphasis on:

  1. Values
  2. Reading strategies and skills
  3. Learning as experience


Program structure:

The program is divided into two years of study.

The program takes place during the third and fourth years of bachelor's degree studies. It is possible to complete the teacher education studies in one year, with special permission of the head of the particular disciplinary specialization.


Disciplinary specializations:

It is possible to specialize in one or more of the following disciplines:

  • Jewish Studies 
  • Mathematics, Biology, and Chemistry
  • Hebrew literature, language, and expression 
  • Foreign languages - English and Arabic 
  • Social sciences and political sciences - sociology, criminology, psychology, economics, or history 
  • Art, music, and Jewish art
  • Special education

For details please contact the teacher training secretarial staff, Irit or Ruti, at 03-5318442, or teachers.training@mail.biu.ac.il