Theses & Dissertations


Year Title Type Student Name Advisor
2018 Socialization, identity and psychological resilience among Palestinians and Jewish adolescents in Israel (HEBREW) Ph.D Abd Al-Qader Yamama Katz Yaacov
2018 Reciprocal relations between commitment to work and family among female high school teachers in Arab society in Israel (HEBREW) Ph.D Badir, Rodayna Klein Joseph
2018 Team-based simulations as a tool for developing an ethical code of conduct among counselors and employers in supported employment frameworks : learner centered education (HEBREW) Ph.D Ben-Amram, Miri Shapira-Lischinsky Orly
2018 Social interaction characteristics of preschool children with high-function autism spectrum disorder : peer-group intervention outcomes (HEBREW) Ph.D Eytan, Dganit Bauminger Nirit
2018 The contribution of authentic leadership and school ethical climate in motivating teachers toward citizenship behavior and the reduction of social loafing (HEBREW) Ph.D Gamliel, Reut Chen Shapira-Lischinsky Orly
2018 Exploring school principals’ sense-making of their leadership role within the natinal reform "courage to change" Ph.D Ganon-Shilon, Sherry Schechter Chen
2018 The fostering literacy through e-book based activities in children with learning disabilities vs. children on the autism spectrum (HEBREW) MA Gutwirth, Meirav Shamir Adina
2018 Community involvement and participation in physical activity as predictors of mental well-being, scholastic achievement and healthy behavior patterns among youth in Israel (HEBREW) MA Keret, Matan Harel-Fisch Yossi
2018 Cognitive skill acquisition among students with attention deficit hyper-activity disorder (HEBREW) MA Kirstain Saar, Adi Schiff Rachel
2018 "Mothers voice" :Motherhood experience of mothers of children with behavioral disorders : phenomenological research (HEBREW) Ph.D Menzin, Daniela Cohen Arie
2018 Systems thinking in educational leadership: structure validation (HEBREW) MA Nadav, Nechama
2018 Perception of the psychological contract violation as a mediator between school environment and utilization of instruction hours in high schools in Israel (HEBREW) MA Sabag, Simcha Merav Shapira-Lischinsky Orly
2018 The development of reference ability : a comparison between children with SLI and children with normal language development (HEBREW) MA Shaham, Aliza Schiff Rachel
2018 Updating processes following contradictory information in a narrative text : the degree of reader’s access to previous information (HEBREW) MA Shapira, Sivan Schiff Rachel
2018 Development of general creativity and mathematical creativity by MCR pedagogy (HEBREW) Ph.D Taieb, Naama Mevarech Zmira
2018 Professional identity and career aspirations as mediators between perception of the principal as an authentic leader and teachers’ behaviors and intent to leave in Israel’s educational system (HEBREW) Ph.D Tsemach, Sigalit Shapira-Lischinsky Orly
2018 Mothers’ mediation with an e-book and its influence on the early literacy skills of first grade students at-risk for learning disabilities compared to typically developing first grade students (HEBREW) MA Zanzuri-Levy, Tali Shamir Adina
2018 Emotional intelligence and psychological capital : a comparison between adults with intellectual disabilities and adults with typical development (HEBREW) MA מלכה-צמח, יעל Lifshitz-Vahav Hefziba
2017 The effect of socialization processes in the Israeli school system on the development of female identity among educated Bedouin women (HEBREW) MA Altory Samaher Gross Zehavit
2017 The development of lexical, morph. lexical and morphological processing : comparison between middle-high and low socioeconomic backgrounds (HEBREW) MA Amit, Adva Schiff Rachel
2017 Learning from successes and failures through a non-formal education organizational climate in a municipal youth council (HEBREW) MA Amram Asherov, Einav Gross Zehavit
2017 Professional development of mathematics teachers in planning and executing a lesson integrated with technology and self-regulation using the Japanese approach (HEBREW) Ph.D Avital, Hava Kramarski Bracha
2017 The contribution of therapeutic riding and the maternal attachment patterns to the improvement of executive function, sensory processing, the experience of self esteem, the child’s attachment pattern and the maternal distress level among children (HEBREW) Ph.D Aviv, Tali
2017 Background music and story content expansion in electronic book as story comprehension and retelling facilitators for kindergarten children (HEBREW) MA Ben-Shabat Segre, Anat Korat Ofra
2017 The role of emotional regulation in the relationship between depressive symptoms to non-suicidal self-injury (HEBREW) MA Ben-Shabat, Shiran Madjar Nir