Heads of the School and Faculty of Education: Past to Present

About the establishment of the Faculty of Education:

The School of Education was established in accordance with the vision of the first President of Bar-Ilan University, the late Professor Churgin. After Churgin's death, the University's School of Education was named after him. Until the end of the academic year 2022, the head of the School of Education was Rabbi Dr. David Oaks, and in 2013 he was replaced by Prof. Eliezer Stern (from "Fruit of the Tree - Bar-Ilan University", Dr. Hagai Harif, p. 31) .

In 2021, the Faculty of Education was established under the leadership of the University's President, Prof. Aryeh Tzavan, the University's Rector, Prof. Amnon Albeck, the University's Director General, Mr. Zohar Yinon, and the Faculty's Founding Dean, Prof. Yaakov Yavlon:

These are the heads of the School of Education and the Faculty of Education for their generations (the breakdown of the years is based on partial information):


(Taken from "The Fruit of the Tree - Bar-Ilan University", Dr. Hagai Harif, p. 31).



(Years listed for Heads of School of Education are estimated)