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Welcome to the Pinchos Churgin School of Education website

The Bar-Ilan University School of Education promotes groundbreaking research, hands-on work in the field of education and innovative research-driven educational training for the advancement of the individual and community. We believe in fostering curiosity, creativity, and research initiative whilst giving each and every person a chance to challenge and excel beyond the status quo.


Studies in the School of Education are divided into three clusters:

(1) The domain of human development, which includes educational counseling, special education (specialization in Autistic Spectrum Disorder and intellectual disability), and child development programs.

(2) The pedagogic-scientific domain, which includes science education (specialization in environmental studies), learning and teaching sciences, and teacher certification with close to 15 different certifications.

(3) The systemic domain that includes leadership, organizational development and policy in education, and management and development of non-formal education systems.


Besides undergraduate and graduate studies, we also offer post-graduate studies where students are at the forefront of innovative research. Research topics vary according to the fields of research and expertise of the academic faculty members in the School of Education.

The School of Education is located in its northern wing of the university. The building houses laboratories, institutes, lecture halls, administrative offices, a library and an innovative digital media center serving to advance teaching practices and research.

We take pride in our staff and students who are committed to the development and improvement of education as well as a positive atmosphere in line with the spirit of the verse in Psalms, "from all my teachers I gained understanding". Relationships that are born from an atmosphere that promotes constant dialogue between the lecturers and the students continue to accompany our students into their professional work.


I thank you for your interest and invite you to join us,


Professor Yaacov Yablon

Last Updated Date : 16/06/2019