Forms and Guide to Thesis Writing

Instructions and Guidelines for submitting a research proposal/submission of a master's degree thesis (from the School for Graduate Studies Procedures)

1. Submission of a research proposal


2. Printing the Thesis -         

There are strict guidelines by the central library for printing theses. If the instructions are not followed, the thesis will not be accepted.

Attached are links to the site where you will find the exact printing instructions:


3. Submission form for research approval by the Ethics Committee


4. List of advisors and topics - 2019


5. Form of approval by the advisor prior to the examination of the thesis for the submission 


6. Before submitting a copy of the thesis work to the central library, a submission date must be requested. The following link includes instructions on how to submit a request for a date:


Consent form for participation in a study

Explanation of different tracks (Track A and Track B)