Educational Counseling


פלייר ייעוץ חינוכי
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Educational Counseling

Bachelor's degree

Head of Program: Dr. Einat Levy-Gigi

Fieldwork Coordinator: Dr. Maya Cohen-Malayev


Available as a double major or structured double major (25/27 course credits)

Program objectives

The program is aimed at providing students with a basic knowledge of theory and research in education, behavioral sciences, and educational counseling, as well as an understanding of research methodology in education and educational counseling. These objectives are the broad foundation and basic condition for training students to become educational counselors.

Effective from 2005, a working license in Education Counseling will be granted only to graduates with an M.A. degree.

Course structure

The courses are divided into four disciplines:
1. Education and Pedagogy
2. Psychology
3. Educational Counseling
4. Research




Last Updated Date : 03/01/2023