HaLev, The Center for Simulation in Education

Simulation-based learning has become increasingly popular as an experiential-learning training tool in high-stress professions such as aviation, medicine, social work and education.

HaLev, The Center for Simulation in Education in the Faculty of Education at Bar Ilan University developed the first simulation-based learning program in teacher education in Israel and continues to lead the field in designing research-based methodologies that deliver comprehensive programs and workshops across the stages of teacher training and professional development. HaLev is funded by the Israeli Ministry of Education as well as research grants.

The simulation scenarios represent common conflict situations and are tailored to the needs of the participants. The workshops take place in small groups in the digital media lab, using advanced technologies to film and record the simulations. Professional actors play the roles of the conflictual "other," such as students, parents, and colleagues. After each simulation, professional facilitators lead the group through a video-based debriefing and reflexive inquiry process that includes feedback from the group and the actors.  

The goal of the workshops is to promote the participants' social and emotional competencies, including self and social awareness, self-management and conflict resolution and transformation, and practical skills such as active listening and empathy. These skills promote teachers' wellbeing and help them teach social and emotional learning to their students. Participants also receive the video file of their simulation for continued learning after the workshop.

HaLev is the premier training center of its kind in the world and has run over 2,500 workshops and trained over 20,000 participants from Israel and abroad. We are proud to feature an exceptional multidisciplinary, multicultural staff of educators, academics, facilitators and actors.


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HaLev, The Center for Simulation in Education