Head of the Teacher Education program in Music

Dr. Atara Isaacson

Head of the Teacher Education program in Music
Building 1005 room 10
Reception Hours
Monday / Wednesday 8:30-9:30 15:45-17:00 (by appointment)
    Teacher training

    2011 – Bar Ilan University   Prize of an Excellent Lecturer

    2004 - Doctoral Fellowship of Excellence Program at Bar Ilan University   

    2003 - Scholarship for excellence in Ph. D. Studies    


    Articles in periodicals

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    Chapter in a Book

    Isaacson, A. (2012). Chapter 5: The Romantic Era, in The History of Music from the Middle Ages till the 20th Century. J. Cohen (Ed.) Ramat Aviv, Center of Educational Technology, 155-198 [Hebrew]

    non-refereed publications

    1.Isaacson, A., (2014).  Batia Strauss - Musician & Educator, Zemereashet             http://www.zemereshet.co.il/artist.asp?id=111

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    History of Western Music 2 (Baroque & Calssic Era)

    History of Western Music 3 (Romantic Era)

    Issues in teaching History of Music for High school

    Navigation in the Classroom & Discipline Problems

    Methodology of teaching 

    Music in Schools, Minor (Demo) Teaching

    Practical Work in Schools

    Romantic Opera: French & Italy

    Teaching Workshop



    Fields of Expertise

    Classroom management, Discipline problems, Methodology of teaching, Alternative teaching methods, Constructivism, Holistic approach in music Education, Issues in Music History for high Schools, The Romantic Era, 19th century music: Vocal genres, Opera, Lieder, Piano concerti

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