Electronic Book for Promoting Emergent Math

Segal-Drori, O.

The aim of the study was to examine the effect of an activity with an educational
electronic storybook with math content on the emergent math of kindergarte
at risk for learning disabilities (LD) compared with kindergarteners with typical
development (TD). The study included 107 kindergarteners aged 4.6 to 7. Both
the participants at risk for LD (n¼51) and those with TD (n¼56) were randomly
divided into two groups: an experimental group that received an intervention with
the electronic book and a control group that participated in the regular kindergarten
activity during that time. The findings indicated greater improvement in the intervention
groups compared with the control groups in the measures ‘‘essence of
addition’’ and ‘‘ordinal numbers.’’ Both the group at risk for LD and the group
with TD showed significant improvement following the intervention. The implications
of these results for young children in general, and for kindergarteners at risk
for LD in particular, are discussed.

Segal-Drori, O., Ben Haim Kalmanovich, L., & Shamir, A. (2018)

Electronic Book for Promoting Emergent Math: A Comparison Between Kindergarteners at Risk for Learning Disabilities and With Typical DevelopmentJournal of Educational Computing
 DOI: 10.1177/0735633118769459

Last Updated Date : 18/11/2018