Educational Electronic Books for Supporting Emergent Literacy of Kindergarteners At-Risk for Reading Difficulties—What Do We Know So Far?

Shamir, A.

This article reviews the authors’ findings regarding the electronic book’s (e-book’s) support of emergent reading among kindergartenaged children at-risk for reading difficulties. All the studies involved use of educational e-books specially designed by the authors to promote literacy among young children in the 5–6 age group. The review focuses on the e-book’s contribution to vocabulary acquisition, phonological awareness, concept about print, as well as story comprehension among two groups of kindergartners exhibiting difficulties in language development and emergent literacy: (a) children at-risk for learning disabilities and (b) children from low socioeconomic backgrounds. Overall, both groups of children were found to improve vocabulary and phonological awareness following e-book activity in different contexts. These results indicate the e-book’s ef- ficacy as an educational tool in heterogeneous classrooms.

Last Updated Date : 16/07/2018