Abstract Reasoning and Friendship in High Functioning Preadolescents with autism spectrum disorders

Solomon, M.

To investigate the relationship between cognitive and social functioning, 20 Israeli individuals with HFASD aged 8-12 and 22 age, maternal education, and receptive vocabulary-matched preadolescents with typical development (TYP) came to the lab with a close friend. Measures of abstract reasoning, friendship quality, and dyadic interaction during a play session were obtained. As hypothesized, individuals with HFASD were significantly impaired in abstract reasoning, and there were significant group differences in friend and observer reports of
friendship quality. There also was consistency in reports between friends. Two factors-‘‘relationship appearance'' and ‘‘relationship quality'' described positive aspects of the
relationships. Disability status and age related to relationship appearance. Proband abstract reasoning was related to relationship quality.

Solomon, M., Bauminger, N. &  Rogers, S. J. (2011)

Abstract Reasoning and Friendship in High Functioning preadolescents with autism spectrum disorders. Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, 41 (1), 32-43

Last Updated Date : 04/12/2022