Mediated learning experience in free-play versus structured situations among preschool children of Low‐, Medium and High‐SES

Tzuriel, D.

This study was designed to investigate (a) the relationship between SES and mediated learning experience (MLE) in mother‐child interactions, (b) the differences in MLE interaction patterns in free‐play versus structured situations, especially among different SES levels, and (c) the prediction of cognitive performance by MLE processes using dynamic assessment (DA) tests. A sample of 48 kindergarten children and their mothers were randomly selected from lowmediumand high‐SES levels (n=16 in each level). Mother‐child interactions were videotaped for 30 minutes (15 minutes in each situation), and analyzed later using Klein's MLE Observation Scale. All children were given a DA measure - the Children's Analogical Thinking Modifiability test (CATM). The findings revealed that MLE interaction scores were positively related to SES level, and higher in the free‐play than in the structured situation, especially in the high SES group. Stepwise regression analyses on the CATM Preteaching and Postteaching scores revealed that they were significantly predicted by the Total MLE or by MLE specific criterion scores in the structured situation (Rs = 0.40 to 0.56). The results are discussed in relation to the MLE theory and recent developmental research.


Last Updated Date : 15/10/2018