Inequality in education: Investigating the achievement gap in Israel

BenDavid-Hadar, I.

The distribution of educational achievement in Israel is characterised by wide gaps. These gaps have been the subject of much public debate that has led in turn to some reforms designed by decision makers. Yet little prior research has been undertaken in support of these changes. The purpose of the present research is to identify the educational distribution (as measured by achievement gaps and level), and to investigate the gaps in order to reduce them. The Education Gini coefficient, standard deviation and mean were calculated for the entire population of high school students and for various subgroups; Education Lorenz curves are plotted. The database contains nationwide student level performance and students’ background features. From the subgroup analyses we conclude categorization of Educational distributions. Specifically, we came up with a clearer achievement distribution, where the educational gaps can be explained by ethnicity, origin and residence. In order to improve the educational distribution, a different budget allocation is offered, based on the results of this research.

BenDavid- Hadar, I. (2008).

Inequality in education: Investigating the achievement gap in Israel. Education and Society, 26 (3), 87-101

Last Updated Date : 04/12/2022