The university awards scholarships that are dependent on financial status and academic excellence.

Applicants for graduate and undergraduate degrees who apply for scholarships dependent on financial status (mainly for undergraduate studies) and/or academic excellence (for graduate and doctoral studies) can apply to the scholarship committee. There are a variety of scholarships available (Hebrew).

In addition, scholarships are awarded to students who served as combat soldiers in the IDF, students who reside in peripheral development towns, and more in accordance with the criteria set by external scholarship foundations.

Special scholarships for research and postdoctoral students (Hebrew) are offered by the Council for Higher Education and are updated from time to time.

In addition, 150 students are recipients of the President's Scholarship given to outstanding doctoral students, who are required to complete their doctoral dissertations within four years.


Forms (all in Hebrew):

Application form for a bachelor's degree

Application form for a master's degree

Scholarships for Machar students and Post-Doctoral students: Regulations and forms of the various scholarships

Application form for a Ph.D. degree with honors

Application form for President's Scholarship 

Mandel Scholarships for Outstanding Doctoral Students in Education