The Machado Center for Research and Advancement of Variability / Otzmot Empowerment Project - Academic Integration in 3 Stages for Adults with Intellectual Disability

The Machado Center for Research and Advancement of Variability (HEB)

About the Otzmot Empowerment Project (HEB)


Research and promotion of human adaptability, intelligence, and cognitive ability among people with special needs throughout the life cycle.

"Otzmot Empowerment Project" - ​​a three-stage academic integration for adults with low cognitive levels

Dr. Shoshana Nissim, Coordinator

Level A - Academic enrichment adapted to students with low cognitive level with and without Down syndrome,

Level B - Group integration in the undergraduate degree program

Level C - Integration in regular courses on the basis of auditing student with the prerogative to take the examination


Last Updated Date : 18/01/2023