In Memorium - Deceased Staff

In Memorium - Deceased Staff



Academic Staff:

Dr. Raphael Zvi Aaronson - Curriculum, Bible Teaching, a Researcher and a Philosopher

Prof. Moshé Max Ahrend - Head of School of Education. Jewish Education, Educational Philosophy, Teacher Education.  Publications.   

Prof. Mordekhai Bar-Lev - Informal Education, One of the Pioneers of the Religious Education   Publications

Dr. Chaim Brawer - Curriculum, Jewish Education. Publications

Dr. Hayim Chamiel - Jewish Education, Bible Teaching. A Researcher and Translator of the Bible, a Poet, a Writer, an Educator   Publications

Prof. Erik H. Cohen . - Jewish Education, Youth Movements, Educational Tourism, Educational Sociology, Jewish Identity   Books   Articles

Dr. Matityahu Dagan - Leadership in Educational System Management   Books

Dr. Adriana Feldman - Counseling, Thinking, Educational Diagnosis, Psychologial Tests

Prof. Reuven Feuerstein - Founder and Chairman of the Feuerstein Institute.  Clinical and Cognitive Psychology, Special Education, Dynamic Assessment, Instrumental Enrichment, Mediated Learning Experience. Winner of the Israel Prize in Education    Books  Publications   More Publications 

Prof. Miriam Gillis-Carlebach -  Founder of the The Joseph Carlebach Institute‎‏. Reading Teaching, Remedial Teaching, Jewish History   Books   Article  More Articles 

Mrs. Noa Ginnosar - Lecturer, Researcher in the field of interpersonal relationships and communication in ASD children Article

Prof. Iosef Glanz - Head of School of Education, a Psychologist, Special Education, Educational Measurement   Publications

Dr. Ruth Goodman - Theory and Philosophy of Education  Publications

Prof. Pnina Klein -  Founder and Head of Early Childhood Program. Head of Baker Center for Study of Developmental Disorders in Infants and Young Children.  Head of Harris Program:Infants, Toddlers and Families in Israel. Program's Creator of MISC- More Intelligent and Sensitive Child.  Winner of the Israel Prize in Education  Publications

Dr. Nava Maslovaty - Values Education, Moral Education, Teachers and Teaching   Articles

Rabbi Dr. David Ochs - The First Head of the School of Education and One of the Founders, an Expert in Jewish Education. 

Prof. Ya’acov Rand - Head of the School of Education. Special Education, Down Syndrome.  Winner of the Israel Prize in Education     Books    Articles

Prof. Dov Rappel - Educational Philosophy, Educational Theory, Bible, Judaism.   Publications

Dr. Rafael Schneller - Head of Teacher Education Program. Religious Education, Technological Education, Biology Teaching, Media, Communication   Publications

Prof. Mirjam Schmida - Head of the Schol of Education. Informal Education, Social Education    Publications

Dr. Zeev Shpanier - Head of Educational Counseling Program. Educational Counseling, Therapy, Youth   Articles

Prof. Eliezer Stern - One of the Founders of the School of Education, Head of the School of Education. Curriculum, Educational Philosophy, Jewish Education, Theory of Education  Books

Dr. Miriam Weinberger - Children's Literature, Literature Teaching, Bibliotherapy

Prof. Hana Yaoz-Kest - Head of Teacher Education Program. Curriculum, Literature Teaching, Holocaust Teaching, Values Education   

Dr. Abraham Zwiebel - Head of Special Education Program. Psychology, Deaf.  Articles



Administrative Staff:

Ilza Feuchtwanger - Coordinator and Founder of the Laboratory

Yishayahu Greenberg - TV Studio Manager

Ruth Gross - Laboratory Assistant

Hayim Vaie - Head of InService Teacher Education Program

Debi Velickson - English Secretary and Articles Editor

Carmela Yazkan - Laboratory Assistant

Ruthie Volk - Teacher Education Program Coordinator