Grading styles and disciplinary expertise

Biberman-Shalev, L.
Based on a sample of 312 high school teachers who participated in the Israeli PISA assessment of student academic achievement in 2002, the current study examines the mediatory role of their perception of the subject matter (as "open/flexible" or"closed/hierarchical") in the relation between their disciplinary expertise (language, mathematics or science) and their grading style (performance-output or effort-input).
The mediation hypothesis was completely supported for all disciplines in the case of perception of subject matter as open/flexible. With respect to the closed/hierarchical perception, it was supported only for the comparison of science vs. mathematics

Biberman-Shalev, L., Sabbagh, C., Resh, N., & Kramarski, B. (2011)

Grading styles and disciplinary expertise: The mediating role of the teacher's perception of the subject matter. Teaching and Teacher Education, 27 (5), 831-840

Last Updated Date : 10/12/2013