Leadership, Organizational Development and Policy in Education

B.A. degree in Leadership, Organizational Development and Policy in Education



The track is designed to familiarize students with the philosophic and historical infrastructure of education, issues in the history of Jewish education, issues in pedagogy and psychology, theories in management of education, social and informal education, and curriculum planning.

We laying the foundations for educating researchers and scholars in education management, social education, informal education, and curriculum planning.


Framework of Studies:

First-year studies:

Foundation courses in education, quantitative research, psychology, sociology, administration, as well as courses about the education system in Israel.

Second-year studies:

Several advanced courses in general education and education administration in particular, and the fundamentals of qualitative research.

Third-year studies:

Application of knowledge and the use of tools acquired as part of a written seminar paper. Students also participate in a practicum course once a week. This day must be free from any other activity. More details are provided at the beginning of the year by the person in charge of the practicum workshop.

The Leadership, Organizational Development and Policy in Education program is a unique program that aims to provide a solution for the future generation of teachers in Israel, both in formal education and in informal education. Whether it be managing educational teams or developing policy in education – Our students are provided with the tools and knowledge to make them successful leaders in the education system.

The curriculum and courses in leadership and management of educational systems focus on:

- Knowledge of the education system and infrastructure in Israel

- Knowledge of key theories in the field of leadership in general and education in particular

- Practical training in educational administration and financial-educational management and budgeting for educational institutions

- Coping with administrative dilemmas in the education system

As part of a diverse selection of elective courses, students learn about human resource management, teacher assessment and training, practical training in informal education, and more.  

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