Developing a pedagogical problem solving view among mathematics teachers with two reflection programs

Kramarski, B.

The study investigated the effects of two reflection support programs on elementary school
mathematics teachers' pedagogical problem solving view. Sixty-two teachers participated in
a professional development program. Thirty teachers were assigned to the self-questioning
(S_Q) training and thirty two teachers were assigned to the reflection discourse (R_D)
training. The S_Q program was based on the IMPROVE self-questioning approach which
emphasizes systematic discussion along the phases of mathematical or pedagogical problem
solving as student and teacher. The R_D program emphasized discussion of standard based
teaching and learning principles. Findings indicated that systematic reflection support
(S_Q) is effective for developing mathematics PCK, and strengthening metacognitive
knowledge of mathematics teachers, more than reflection discourse (R_D). No differences
were found between the groups in developing beliefs about teaching mathematics in using
problem solving view.

Kramarski, B. (2009).

Developing a pedagogical problem solving view among mathematics  teachers with  two reflection programs. International Electronic Journal of Elementary Education , 2 (1),138-153.

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