Parent–child transmission of religious and secular values in Israel

Luria, E.

This research uses Schwartz’s theory of values to examine intergenerational (parent-child) value transmission among Orthodox-religious and secular Jewish families in Israel. The study investigates the transmission of religious and secular values among 211 Jewish families with heterogeneous religious-secular (R-S) parental dyads in comparison to family groups that are homogeneously religious (R-R) or homogenously secular (S-S). Results illustrate significant differences between the groups with respect to religious values transmitted by parents and accepted by adult children. Parent–child agreement on religious values is high in (RF-SM) family groups and in homogeneous religious (R-R) family groups. In contrast, the religious mother-secular father (RM-SF) family groups and homogeneous secular (S-S) family groups have a low transmission of religious values. The study sheds light on parent–child agreement on religious values in various types of family groups. 

Luria, E., Katz, Y.J. (2020)

Parent–child transmission of religious and secular values in Israel. Journal of Beliefs and Values,41(4), 458-473. DOI: 10.1080/13617672.2019.1688472

Last Updated Date : 03/01/2021