Master's degree in Neuroeducation


Head of program: Prof. Nira Mashal

Registration for the 2022-2023 year has closed
Registration for the 2023-2024 academic year starts on Jan. 29, 2023

For the first time at Bar-Ilan University: 
A new program combining the field of brain research, psychology, and education

Degree objectives

Combining information from the neurosciences for the purpose of research, development, and implementation of intervention programs in populations with typical neurodevelopment and those from various special populations (autism, schizophrenia, learning disabilities, etc.). Intervention programs are designed to enhance diverse verbal and cognitive functions in impaired clinical populations. The goal of the program is to develop and implement knowledge of brain research and the therapeutic aspect while expanding understanding of the brain basis for normal and impaired cognitive language functioning.

Study structure

The degree is spread out over two years, one day a week each year.

Research track (with a thesis): 14 hrs (Research program curriculum)

Regular track (without a thesis): 18 hrs (Regular program curriculum)

Theoretical courses - The program includes theoretical courses in topics such as: neuropsychology (diagnosis and intervention), brain basis for language, emotional disorders and therapeutic approaches, creativity and brain, clinical applications for neurofeedback and brain plasticity, brain basis for attention disorders.

The program incorporates seminars (research projects) in which we will learn to implement neuro-cognitive intervention programs for children, adolescents and adults with autism, dyslexia, schizophrenia and more, tools for brain intervention (e.g., electrical brain stimulation), Neurofeedback, psychometric functions (e.g., hemispheric and inter-hemispheric function) will be studied.



The program is open to graduates with social sciences degrees, who want to contribute to the educational field and understanding of brain function in the linguistic-cognitive context. The program is also open to graduates of paramedical fields and the social sciences including special education, psychology, occupational therapy, communication clinics, counseling, criminology, social work. Graduates who are not from the social sciences can be accepted upon undertaking completion courses.

The acceptance threshold for social sciences: an average of 85 in the Bagrut (Israeli matriculation exams)
Acceptance threshold for exact sciences / life sciences: an average of 80 in the Bagrut (Israeli matriculation exams)


Admission to the track without a thesis: One academic / employer recommendation is required (HEBREW)
Admission to the track with a thesis: Two recommendations (at least one academic), an interview and a questionnaire are required (HEBREW)


Requesting a change from the regular track (without thesis) to research track (with thesis), requires a grade point average of 93 and is subject to finding a supervisor

The thesis will be on the subject of brain research and the supervisors will be from the program or from the brain sciences.

 Academic recommendation form - click here Preferably one from a lecturer in an academic course (preference for a seminar course)
 Employer recommendation form - click here From a professional who knows the candidate from field experience

The recommendations should go directly to the Faculty of Education to the program coordinator: Sarit Amiel

Completion Courses - Students who do not come from a relevant background to the program will need to add 1-2 completion courses at the discretion of the program head

Online registration on the Bar Ilan website (technical help *9392)

Regardless of the option chosen at the end of the registration, the additional material must be sent to the School of Graduate Studies, Master's degree:

  • Graduation certificate - official and original (stamp, signature and logo of the institution on the graduation certificate)
  • Transcript (with point average listed) - official and original (stamp, signature and the institution's logo on the graduation certificate)
  • Updated resume
  • Photocopy of identity card
  • Passport picture

To register on the university's website, click here

Appointment for an interview is conditional on the completion of the whole registration process and after receiving all the above documents

*  Candidate for the track with a thesis that meets the criteria, will be invited for a personal interview

* These are minimum requirements and there is no obligation to accept any candidate who meets these conditions


For more information Head of the program Prof. Nira Mashal

Lab site and program:

Program Coordinator: Sarit Amiel

 Phone  03-5317650 | to the zoom-meetings page

Last Updated Date : 18/01/2023