Revisiting educational (in)equity: Measuring educational Gini coefficients for Israeli high schools during the years 2001–2011

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Dadon-Golan, Z.

Equity in education implies that personal conditions should not interfere with the academic potential. Moreover,
equitable education lies the foundation for social-cohesiveness.
The research objective is twofold. First, it examines (in)equity using Educational-Gini, at the student level,
from an overall nation view, and cross-sectioned by gender, ethnicity, and residency. Second, it analyses the
trends of (in)equity in the years 2001-2011.
Israel serves as an interesting case-study. It strives to achieve equity, yet, its student achievement distribution
is characterized by large gaps.
Findings reveal (in)equity is higher among male, minority, and students from periphery. Moreover, (in)equity
increases along the examined years.