Teachers as agents in promoting students' SRL and performance

Kramarski, B.

Self-regulation in learning is considered to be critical for 21st century success both academically and after schooling (Bembenutty, 2013; Pintrich, 2000; Zimmerman, 2008). Engagement of students in self-regulated learning (SRL) requires consideration of not only what students learn but also how they learn and if their gains attain their goals (Moos & Ringdal, 2012). Researchers have argued that teachers must act as agents to introduce and reinforce students’ SRL experiences (e.g., Bembenutty, 2013; Kramarski & Revach, 2009). In the current chapter, I discuss the ensuing challenges for professional training in order for teachers to effectively support students’ development and utilization of crucial SRL processes.

Kramarski, B. (2017)

Teachers as agents in promoting students' SRL and performance: Applications for Teachers’ Dual-Role Training Program. In D.H. Schunk, J.A. Greene (Eds.). Handbook of Self-Regulation of Learning and Performance 2nd Ed. (pp. 223-240 ). N.Y. : Routledge


Last Updated Date : 12/12/2018