The contribution of early home literacy activities to first grade reading and writing achievements in Arabic

Aram, D.

This longitudinal study assessed the literacy development of native
Arabic-speaking children from kindergarten to the end of first grade, focusing on the
role of home literacy activities (mother–child shared book reading and joint writing).
The contribution of these activities in kindergarten to children’s reading and
writing at the end of first grade were evaluated, controlling for family SES and
children’s early skills (vocabulary and letter naming). Eighty-eight Arabic-speaking
children and their mothers participated in the study. Results revealed that family
SES, children’s early skills and home literacy activities in kindergarten correlated
with children’s achievements at the end of first grade. Joint writing contributed
significantly to children’s literacy in first grade and the contribution of shared
reading was almost significant. Joint writing was found to contribute to children’s
literacy achievements in first grade beyond book reading. The study extends our
knowledge on literacy acquisition in Arabic, highlighting the significance of early
parent–child literacy activities as a predictor of Arabic-speaking children’s literacy
achievements in school.

Aram, D., Korat, O. & Hassunah-Arafat, S. (2013)

The contribution of early home literacy activities to first grade reading and writing achievements in Arabic. Reading and  Writing 26,1517-1536

Last Updated Date : 18/07/2018