Hadad Center

Hadad Center provides diagnostic services for school-age and university students with learning disabilities, remedial instruction in Hebrew and English, courses in learning strategies, a unique English course for imparting learning strategies for students with learning disabilities who are learning English as a second language (preparation for the Bagrut exams), and a unique language program for students with dyslexia.


Email: hadad.center2@biu.ac.il

Tel: 03-5318705

Curriculum: Unique programs for students and students. Remedial teaching:

Details about the service:



Didactic diagnosis in Hebrew language, psychodidactic diagnosis, and diagnosis in English language and mathematics.

The diagnoses are made in order to adapt the appropriate remedial instruction program and adjust further testing methods.

Study Program:

Unique programs for school-age and university students. 

 Remedial instruction:

1. Remedial instruction in first-grade readiness.

2. Remedial instruction and development of learning skills in grades 1-6.

3. Remedial instruction for middle school and high school students

Last Updated Date : 28/08/2019