Promoting teachers' in-class SRL practices: effects of Authentic Interactive Dynamic Experiences (AIDE) based on simulations and video

Heaysman, O.

Self-regulated learning (SRL) is essential for independent active learners. Despite its importance, supporting students’ SRL is often challenging for teachers who lack the necessary knowledge and skills for in-class SRL practices. Hence, there is a need to support teachers’ SRL: both as learners—how to self-regulate their own learning, and as teachers— how to use practices to support students’ SRL. This study proposes an innovative instructional model empowered by “Authentic Interactive Dynamic Experiences” (“AIDE”) oriented to SRL and called the SRL–AIDE model. To examine the efectiveness of the model, we designed a professional development program based on the SRL–AIDE model, called the SRL–AIDE program. It involved explicit exposure to SRL theory, beliefs in independent learning as enhancing SRL, and immersive experiences including video-based learning and simulations with live actors to stimulate motivation for SRL classroom implementation. The model’s efectiveness was evaluated using authentic methods. Seventy-six teachers participated in either the SRL–AIDE program (experimental group) or a control program focused on efective learning principles. The results indicated a shift in beliefs toward independent learning as a core behavior in enhancing SRL, and a highly signifcant and systematic increase among the experimental group in the lesson plan, performance, and refection (on the performed lesson) as phases in the teaching relating to the SRL cycle, including cognitive, metacognitive, and independent learning strategies. The improvements of the SRL practices were apparent in two measurement types: explicitness level and duration. Implications for class instruction, teachers’ professional development oriented toward students’ outcomes, and authentic evaluation are discussed.

Heaysman, O.‪, & Kramarski, B.‪ (2022)‪.‪ Promoting teachers’ in-class SRL practices: effects of Authentic Interactive Dynamic Experiences (AIDE)‪ based on simulations and video.‪ Instructional Science: An International Journal of the Learning Sciences, 1–33.‪ https://doi.‪org/10.‪1007/s11251-022-09598-1

Last Updated Date : 10/01/2023