New: Comprehensive Program in Special Education in 4 Years!


Program in Special Education for outstanding students:

bachelor's, master's and teacher training in only 4 years!


Are you outstanding? Think you have what it takes to be a trailblazer?

Outstanding program for leaders in the special education system: bachelor's, master's and teacher training in special education in only 4 years!

Learn in an innovative program with renowned academic staff in special education, combining unique academic training with field work.


The program offers specialization in a wide range of disabilities, such as specific learning disorders (SLD), ADHD, behavioral disorders, emotional and mental disorders, visually impairment and blind persons, hard of hearing and deaf, developmental disabilities and physical disabilities.

The teacher training enables work with children with special needs aged 6-21.

The program has convenient hours which are coordinated between the undergraduate, graduate and teacher training courses.

What makes the program unique?

  • Bachelor's degree, master's degree and teacher training in only 4 year
  • Structured curriculum with coordinated hours
  • The best of both worlds - a combination of the academic-research world and the field of special education
  • Our staff offers an attentive ear, warm attitude and encouragement for excellence
  • There is a possibility for academic mentoring


* Moving from stages to stage is conditional on meeting the registration requirements

* The information refers to the curricula in education. For inquiries regarding exemption from the obligations of basic studies in Judaism and / or English studies, please contact the relevant departments

* Studies are taught in Hebrew

Contact info

Bachelor's degree: Ms. Anat Wichman-Amsalem, student advisor | 03-5318469

Last Updated Date : 12/04/2022