Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2020 Relationship between the preschool teacher's educational perceptions and her perception of the preschool's organizational culture and parental knowledge about the preschool (HEBREW) PhD Avraham Hai, Esther Prof. Yaacov Katz
Prof. Esther Adi-Japha
2020 Influence of different types of antenatal education on fear, self-efficacy, spirituality, the birth experience and mother-fetus/newborn relationship (HEBREW) PhD Ben-David, Noa Rachel Prof. Yaacov Katz
Prof. Zehavit Gross
2020 Relationship between religious identity, spirituality, and emotional labor of religious students and study motivationand satisfaction (HEBREW) MA Lober, Yifat Prof. Yaacov Katz
2018 Socialization, identity and psychological resilience among Palestinians and Jewish adolescents in Israel (HEBREW) PhD Abd Al-Qader Yamama Prof. Yaacov Katz
2017 The contribution of therapeutic riding and the maternal attachment patterns to the improvement of executive function, sensory processing, the experience of self esteem, the child’s attachment pattern and the maternal distress level among children (HEBREW) PhD Aviv, Tali Dr. Ety Berant
Prof. Yaacov Katz
2017 The relationship between over responsivity and temperament on emotional functioning and self-efficacy in childhood (HEBREW) PhD Buchris-Bazak, Shira Dr. Ayelet Ben-Sasson
Prof. Yaacov Katz
2017 Teaching of Talmud in ultra-orthodox Talmud Torah schools : students’ achievement and efficacy of teachers (HEBREW) MA Sherlo Ariel Dr. Shira Iluz
Prof. Yaacov Katz
2016 Constructing a multi-dimensional model of morality (HEBREW) PhD Hannin, Jenni Prof. Yaacov Katz
2016 The education of children of religious - secular mixed couples : an examination of the relative contribution of different value systems PhD Luria, Ela Prof. Yaacov Katz
2016 Physical, familial and emotional predictors of success in an intervention program for the treatment of childhood obesity (HEBREW) PhD Pantanowitz, Michal Prof. Yaacov Katz
2016 Emotional labor theory" in teaching : the influence of teacher’s experience, age of students and teacher’s burnout on the teacher’s perception of "emotional display rules" at school and on the application of emotional labor techniques in teaching (HEBREW) MA Zaretzky, Racheli Prof. Yaacov Katz
2015 Teachers’ and students’ attitudes toward attention-deficit hyperactivity disorders (ADHD) : educational, social, emotional and behavioral aspects with respect to religiosity (HEBREW) PhD Armon, Haim-Yedidya Prof. Yaacov Katz
Prof. Shlomo Romi
2015 Parenting styles, coping strategies and family adjustment among second and third generations of holocaust survivors (HEBREW) MA Koren-Klein, Adi Prof. Yaacov Katz
2015 The Self-perceived professional identity of EFL (English as a foreign language) Israeli teachers PhD Mannes, Adina Prof. Yaacov Katz
2015 The relationship between pre-performance routine, personality characteristics and accuracy in sports (HEBREW) PhD Perry, Inbal Prof. Yaacov Katz
2015 Governmental policy regarding early childhood education : a suggested model of implementation (HEBREW) MA Shetrit, Dorit Prof. Yaacov Katz
2013 The relationship between school’s organizational profile perception, teacher efficacy and job satisfaction (HEBREW) MA Cohen-Chenya, Moria Prof. Yaacov Katz
2013 The relationship between psychological strength and distance learning : a comparison between three delivery systems (HEBREW) PhD Katz, Gili Prof. Yaacov Katz
2013 The relationship between amount of physical activity in kindergarten and self-regulation, self-esteem and cognitive achievements of the child (HEBREW) MA Mash-Savitzki, Orit Prof. Yaacov Katz
2013 School climate in the attribution-affect-action process and school violence (HEBREW) PhD Tzuriel, Moriah Prof. Yaacov Katz
2012 The relationship between moral characteristics, age, gender, attachment styles and rearing styles among adolescents (HEBREW) MA Hannin, Jennie Prof. Yaacov Katz
2012 The contribution of legal literacy to accountability, autonomy and effectiveness in school principals’ decision making (Hebrew) PhD Nicolet, Ayala Prof. Deborah Court
Prof. Yaacov Katz
2012 The relationship between utilization of computerized games and level of attention of ADHD diagnosed high-school students (HEBREW) MA Reves, Vered Prof. Yaacov Katz
2011 The relationship between conservatism, self-efficacy, autonomy, attitudes toward internet based learning and the choice of an internet based university course (HEBREW) MA Miron, Pnina Prof. Yaacov Katz
2010 Attitudes of elementary school pupils and teachers towards a technology-based learning environment (HEBREW) MA Naim, Israel Prof. Yaacov Katz