Guidance: Professional development within the New Horizon framework

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The Ministry of Education requires that beginning teachers in first year following their internship participate in the professional development course in the framework of New Horizon.

The New Horizon course is mandatory for all teachers. Teachers who are not part of New Horizons and want to join the course in order to accrue specialization compensation, can enroll if there are available slots.

Starting from the next year (2012) a new program open for beginning teachers who are in the second year after the internship.


Target population: starting teachers who completed their internship successfully and are employed at least one third of a full-time position. Teachers in New Horizons have preference, but other teachers are also invited.


Course structure


  • 1. Workshop of 40 hours/year at Bar-Ilan University (10 sessions of 4 hours)
  • 2. Guidance by a colleague: 20 weekly hours.

Participants receive a reward of 60 hours/year for participation in the course.

The counseling teacher is chosen by the teacher and appointed by the school principal.

Course Content: adapted to the target audience of beginning teachers. For example, The organization and I, Career and leisure, Case studies from the field, Special education, Dealing with classroom management, Teaching a heterogeneous class.


How to apply

Registration for the course starts in June 2012 and continues until the end of August 2012 It is recommended to register in advance to reserve a spot because the number of admissions is limited.

You can register with the course coordinator, Dr. Orly Michael, or at the secretariat of teacher education.

Tel.: 03-5318442.

You are invited to contact us directly by e-mail with any questions that may arise.

We will be glad to see you next year,

Course Coordinator

Dr. Orly Michael