Learning Disabilities


Master's degree in Learning Disabilities

Our students are trained in remedial teaching and diagnosis of learning disabilities in children, young adults, and adults while addressing distinct needs.

We equip our students with the skills to diagnose learning disabilities from the early stages of reading to high school level and beyond into adulthood. Furthermore, they are taught to critically examine existing education programs and develop relevant intervention programs.

Students are trained in expertise with up-to-date theoretical and applied knowledge in learning processes, learning disabilities, and research innovation.


Framework of Studies

The program offers a comprehensive structure of studies that combine theoretical knowledge and research expertise. Students acquire knowledge in the field of learning disabilities while simultaneously being trained for independent research and clinical work.  


Practicum experience

Within the structure of the practicum experience, the student is required to diagnose- according to standards- 10 tests and write a comprehensive report on linguistic and academic cognitive functions including appropriate recommendations.   Throughout the duration of the degree, the student is required to teach 54 hours of remedial instruction and successfully perform 10 diagnosis tests. 

A passing score in the practicum experience course is a requirement in receiving a master's degree in the Learning Disabilities program.   (Practicum experience hours are separate from those in frontal lectures).


Study tracks

1. Master's degree with a thesis

This track is intended for students who wish to obtain an M.A. in learning disabilities requiring research work (thesis) as part of the program of study.  

2. Master's degree without a thesis

This track is intended for students who wish to obtain an M.A. in learning disabilities without the requirement of research work (thesis) as part of the program of study. Studies in this track require a final examination of material to be determined by the M.A. Admissions Committee of the School of Education.    

Click here to see the curriculum for the 2018-2019 school year (1st year students) (Hebrew)

Click here to see the curriculum for the 2018-2019 school year (2nd year students) (Hebrew)


Completion Courses

For students who have been accepted to the program, completion courses will be determined in accordance with curriculum (up to three possible courses) in the bachelor's degree.

Head of Program: Prof. Rachel Schiff

Hadad center: hadad.center2@mail.biu.ac.il

E-mail: rschiff@biu.ac.il

Duration of studies is two and a half years (five semesters).


Days of Studies

During the first 4 semesters, studies are on Wednesday and Thursday. Courses consist of frontal lectures whereas Thursday is a full day and Wednesday is from 14:00.

During the 5th semester, studies consist of a computerized course alongside test performances that are part of the degree requirements. Beyond the hours of frontal lectures- and in coordination with the Hadad Center- 54 hours of remedial instruction and 10 examination performances compulsory as part of the degree requirements.

(Curriculum and days of study are subject to change for the 2018-2019 academic year)


Admission Requirements

- Applicants must be graduates of a bachelor's degree in the following fields: special education, educational counseling, therapy professionals and paramedical fields such as psychology, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and social work with a grade average of 87 or above from an accredited university or college. 7 or above from an accredited university or college.

- Experience in education or special education

- Recommendations- Academic recommendation and letter of recommendation from an employer

- Successfully pass an interview  


Application process

  1. Applicants must register through the online registration form.

After registering, the following documents must be sent to the M.A. Committee office:

  • Graduation certificate – official and original (should include the stamp of the accredited university or establishment, signature, and establishment logo)
  • An updated curriculum vida (CV)
  • Photograph of Israeli identity card (Te'udat Zehut)

Address: M.A. Admissions Committee, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, 5290002

  1. Two recommendations must be sent – a letter of recommendation from an employer and an academic recommendation (students who completed their degree requirements beyond the two year period can instead submit two letters of recommendation letters from an employer).
    1. Academic recommendation form (Hebrew) - Recommendations from a lecturer in an academic course (preferably a seminar course)
    2. Letter of recommendation from an employer (Hebrew) - Recommendation from a professional who knows the candidate from field experience.

The recommendations must arrive at the School of Education, the secretariat for M.A. studies directly from the person providing the recommendation and not from the applicant  and in one of the following formats:

Email: meytal.goldberger@biu.ac.il

Fax: 03-738-4123

Mail: Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, 5290002, School of Education, M.A. studies


(Applicants must note their personal details on the back of the recommendation forms which the recommenders fill out)


Invitation to an interview is dependent on completion of registration and confirmation of receiving the abovementioned forms by the university.

Applicants who are eligible will be invited to an interview

The abovementioned are the minimum  requirements and do not guarantee acceptance


Academic faculty- internationally published researchers

Prof. Adina Shamir

Prof. Nira Mashal

Dr. Menahem Yaari

Dr. Tali Vishne

Dr. Amalia Baron

Dr. Shani Kahta

Dr. Lea Yosef


For more information, please refer to "Hadad Center":

Tel: 03-5318705

Fax: 03-5351045



To receive more details, please refer:

Secretariat, email: Limor.hefetz@biu.ac.il

Tel: 03-5318456

Fax: 03-7384123

Telephone reception hours Sunday through Thursday: 10: 30-11: 30 and 13: 30-14: 30


Reception hours on Sunday, Wednesday between the hours of 11:30-14: 00 and on Mondays, Thursdays between 10:30 and 13:30.

On Tuesdays there is no reception

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