The Center for Development and Support for High School Biology Labs

The Center for Development and Support of High School Biology Labs is affiliated with the Pinchas Churgin School of Education at Bar-Ilan University. It provides a one-of-a-kind service in Israel by incorporating the development of study programs for biology lab instruction and research projects with training, support, continuing education programs, and supply of equipment for lab work. The center regularly lends support to teaching staff in schools with a focus on the practical elements in biology curriculum (the study of biology in the lab and conducting research projects within the framework of bio-research) at all levels of instruction.  Furthermore, the center serves as a springboard for academic research in which various articles have been published on innovations in research methods, safety procedures, and new pedagogical approaches.

The center also serves as an equipment supply/lending center for materials and organisms for conducting experiments and includes academic administration staff, the academic staff of Bar-Ilan University, teachers in the field, lab technicians, and administrative staff.

A peek into the work in the center: The continuing education program in molecular biology "From Theory to Practice", January 2008


Center Activities:

Counseling and support for teaching staff

The Center for the Development and Support of School Biology Labs provides counseling and guidance for biology teachers and school teachers (middle schools, high schools, and teacher training colleges) on teaching in labs and research work. Training is provided to laboratory and biology teachers, in the subscribed schools, on conducting experiments and the use of equipment: Instructions provided with equipment, instructions through email, telephone support, and continuing education courses for teacher and laboratory educators.


Supplying equipment

The center also serves as a supply center for materials needed to conduct experiments in school labs. The preparation, delivery, and use of the materials are thoroughly held to the safety regulations published by the Ministry of Education. The center prepares all the necessary equipment and materials, weighs, packs, and sends to the designated schools.  Amongst the list of materials and organisms are enzymes, bacterial and fungal cultures, several hormones, and various test kits necessary for standard experiments in school labs.


Scientific development

The center continuously develops new teaching material and experiments for use in school laboratories. The staff publishes articles on the methods, practices in laboratory safety, and new pedagogical approaches. These innovations serve to enrich and advance the work of biology teachers, school staff, and lab technicians who come to the center.


Continuing education courses

The center provides special courses for teachers and lab technicians who are looking for continuing education courses.

Lab technicians training: Measurement methods, bio-research, new biotechnology methods, and a diverse range of enrichment courses.

Teacher training: Insights into young adults, innovations in the world of biology, new laboratory experiments, tools for studying subjects and skills, methods for examining bio-research processes, and classroom simulations.



Academic administration:

Dr. Bruria Agrest - Chair of center administration


Prof. Michal Zion - Academic head


Dr. Shoshi Herman - Academic director


Dr. Pirchi Waxman - Deputy academic director


Development and continuing education staff:

Senior and experienced teachers in developing content for high school divisions: Ms. Esti Barzilai, Ms. Nili Giloni, Ms. Ora Hirsch, Ms. Sarah Wertheimer, Ms. Efrat Link

Leading teachers for content development for middle schools: Ms. Oshera Aloni, Ms. Linor Engel, Ms. Billy Friedman



Laboratory and administrative staff:

Ms. Tsila Hefner - Logistics Manager

Laboratory staff: Ms. Ruthy Yarom, Ms. Michal Jacoby, Ms. Betty Blange, Ms. Hamutal Crooks


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Last Updated Date : 27/08/2019