Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2020 Influence of meta-cognitive intervention on children age 5-10 tendency to spontaneous recognition of mathematical structures (HEBREW) PhD Sharir, Tal Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Prof. Nira Mashal
2018 Development of general creativity and mathematical creativity by MCR pedagogy (HEBREW) PhD Taieb, Naama Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2017 Integrative model to explain absences, internal mobility and quitting the system among teachers in Israel (HEBREW) PhD Maagan, David Prof. Joseph Klein, Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2017 The effects of simulations on emotional literarcy and locus of control of pre-service students (HEBREW) MA Wasserman-Gutwillig, Tamar Dr. Shira Iluz, Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2016 The link between cross-model synchronization and arithmetic and readiness skills among elementary school children (HEBREW) PhD Badir, Horriyah Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Dr. Elinor Saiegh-Haddad
2016 The connection between analyzing videoed pedagogical situations and self-regulated learning (SRL) instruction (HEBREW) PhD Shabtay, Galit Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Prof. Tova Michalsky
2015 Little scientists : emotional and cognitive aspects among teachers and children towards engaging in science in pre-school education PhD Kesner Baruch, Yael Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy
2015 Effects of aquatic motor intervention during early-childhood and adulthood on motor, cognitive and language abilities and changes in temporoparietal and cerebellar alpha power (HEBREW) PhD Nissim, Michal Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Dr. Ronit Ram-Tzur, Prof. Michal Zion
2014 The contribution of individual and social metacognitive support within an inquiry-based learning environment to environmental literacy, metacognitive awareness and inquiry perfomances PhD Adler, Idit Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Prof. Michal Zion
2014 Factors that affect mathematics teachers’ planning, implementation and reflection (HEBREW) PhD Saban, Gabriela Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2014 Students teacher interaction in videotaped pedagogical situations analysis’ impact on SRL fostering teaching (HEBREW) MA Sendik, Meir Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Prof. Tova Michalsky
2013 Developing various types of self-regulated learning to promote scientific literacy (HEBREW) PhD Sason, Hava Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Prof. Tova Michalsky
2013 The effects of meta-cognitive intervention on kindergarten children tendency to spontaneous focus on numerosity and mathematical structures (SFON) (HEBREW) MA Sharir, Tal Prof. Nira Mashal, Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2012 The impact of metacognitive support in the precedural and conceptual processes in scientific inquiry, on research skills, knowledge and metacognitive knowledge, among higher and lower achieving students (HEBREW) MA Tzadok, Naama Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Prof. Tova Michalsky
2011 The effects of age development on spontaneous focusing on numerosity and mathematics structures on young children (HEBREW) MA Gahtan-Nissimov, Gali Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2011 Outcome thinking style: the effects of OTS interventions on students' abilities to solve general and domain-specific problems PhD Kaminka, Eyal Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2011 Spontaneous focusing on numerosity of kindergarten children studying in regular classrooms versus children enrolling in centers for gifted children (HEBREW) MA Schwartz, Avital Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2010 Mathematic discourse in parent-child interaction and its relation to mathematical thinking in early childhood (HEBREW) PhD Mandel, Riva Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Professor Emeritus David Tzuriel
2008 The development of a computerized intervention program for the advancement of phonological awareness and reading and a test of its effect on phonological ability, reading levels and quantitative perception of numbers among children... (HEBREW) PhD Gitait, Aviva Prof. Ofra Korat, Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2008 The effects of meta-cognitive guidance on teachers’ mathematics content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge: the case of polygons’ areas and perimeters (HEBREW) MA Koren, Maya Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2007 Teaching through argumentation as a means to promote technological literacy (HEBREW) PhD Choresh, Cilla Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2007 The effects of IMPROVE embedded within awareness of others on students’ achievement in mathematics and their attitude towards peers (HEBREW) MA Harshoshanim, Ariella Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2007 The Effects of IMPROVE on the studying of "efficiency of algorithms" in computer sciences (HEBREW) MA Yakobovits, Leah Prof. Zmira Mevarech
2006 The influence of metacognitive sup[p]ort during different levels of studying on scientific developmental thinking skills of fourth year students (HEBREW) MA Haibi, Liora Prof. Zmira Mevarech, Prof. Tova Michalsky
2005 Student’s characteristics and organizational variables explaining university dropout and termination of academic studying (HEBREW) MA Bar-Am, Zemira Prof. Zmira Mevarech