Rosenak Teaching Jewish Values

Resnick, D.

Rosenak’s Teaching Jewish Values (1986) is perhaps his most accessible
book about Jewish education. After diagnosing the “diseases”
of Jewish education, he endorses “teaching Jewish values” as the
curricular strategy most likely to succeed given the chasm which
divides traditional Jewish subject matter and the milieu in which
Jewish education takes place—e.g., the values of home and peer
group. A close analysis of the book reveals cracks in his commitment
to Jewish values, and I explore alternatives to values
education he himself presents, such as acquisition of norms or
learning the “language of being Jewish.”

Resnick, D. (2014)

Rosenak Teaching Jewish Values. Journal of Jewish Education, 80(4), 434-445.

Last Updated Date : 29/12/2014