Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2022 Holocaust education and memory bequeathing in state schools in Israel (HEBREW) MA Asor-Langer, Gali Prof. Zehavit Gross
2022 Creating songs as a part of the process of building a sense of coherence among adolescents at risk (HEBREW) MA Gilad, Tzipi Prof. Zehavit Gross
2022 Teaching the subject of the Holocaust to Ultra-Orthodox high school students from the Mizrahi Jewish community (HEBREW) MA Ovaidy, Simchy Prof. Zehavit Gross
2021 Family-work integration among secular women with a demanding career on the one hand and a large family on the other (HEBREW) MA Ben David, Eretz Prof. Zehavit Gross
Dr. Maya Cohen-Malayev
2021 "Dancing pain, laughing uncertainty" : religiousness and spirituality in the narratives of students who dropped out of Ulpana and Yeshiva high school (HEBREW) PhD Goldshmid, Aya Prof. Zehavit Gross
2020 Influence of different types of antenatal education on fear, self-efficacy, spirituality, the birth experience and mother-fetus/newborn relationship (HEBREW) PhD Ben-David, Noa Rachel Prof. Yaacov Katz
Prof. Zehavit Gross
2019 The contribution of mentoring through empathy and caring for the perception of competence and developing a positive future thinking among religious girls at risk who participate in the SELA program on behalf of Yedidim (HEBREW) MA Alimi, Adi Prof. Zehavit Gross
2019 Perception of the life roles : gender, work and motherhood and the development of a career perception among daughters to a careerist mother (HEBREW) MA Dayan, Chen Prof. Zehavit Gross
Dr. Maya Cohen-Malayev
2019 Cyberbullying among adolescents : victims characteristics and digital literacy, stress condition, and mediating resilience resources (HEBREW) PhD Gefen, Amir Prof. Zehavit Gross
Prof. Tali Heiman
2019 Towards development and validation of a measure of reachers' absenteeism attitude (HEBREW) PhD Ishan, Gamal Prof. Zehavit Gross
2019 Teacher's sense of self-efficacy and pedagogical content knowledge (P.C.K) of holocaust education in elementary schools and their influence on their pedagogical choices (HEBREW) PhD Richler Friedman, Yael Prof. Zehavit Gross
2019 Secret of their academic success protective factors that foster academic resilience among male Ethiopians in Israel who completed a B.A. (HEBREW) MA Rosenfeld-Lalou, Adi Prof. Zehavit Gross
2018 Expectations, sanctions and incentives in the existentiality of the ideal religious figure as a means for understanding gender-religious differences in Israel (HEBREW) MA Avraham, Adi Prof. Zehavit Gross
2018 The adaptation of orthodox women to sexuality after marriage (HEBREW) MA Boxenbaum, Liora Prof. Zehavit Gross
2018 Leisure patterns among Arab adolescents in Israel (HEBREW) MA Iraqi, Sawsan Prof. Zehavit Gross
2018 The 'split habitus' phenomenon in Muslim teachers in Israel as expressed in their 'presentation of self' in everyday life (HEBREW) PhD Naiman, Irit Prof. Zehavit Gross
2018 "The dream and its interpretation" : divorce at a young age in the religious Zionist community in Israel (HEBREW) MA Zaban, Chen Prof. Zehavit Gross
2017 The effect of socialization processes in the Israeli school system on the development of female identity among educated Bedouin women (HEBREW) MA Altory Samaher Prof. Zehavit Gross
2017 Learning from successes and failures through a non-formal education organizational climate in a municipal youth council (HEBREW) MA Amram Asherov, Einav Prof. Zehavit Gross
2017 Between altruism and egoism : motherhood to a big family and career - experience of religious Zionists women (HEBREW) MA Binenfeld-Izak, Yael Prof. Zehavit Gross
2017 The spiritual, personal and professional world of teachers in the beginning of their career : examining the relationship between spirituality and personal identity dimensions, professional identity, burnout and work engagement (HEBREW) PhD Bouhnik, Oshrat Prof. Zehavit Gross
2017 The relationship of attachment style, empathy, self-control and self-esteem of the parents with their quality of marriage and relationship with their children (HEBREW) PhD Hacohen, Iris Prof. Zehavit Gross
Dr. Mati Ronen
2017 The image of the significant teacher as it is perceived by high school female religious adolescent (HEBREW) MA Ravivo Bareket Hannah Prof. Zehavit Gross
2017 The journey to Poland of people with intellectual disability disorder - "Hashahar" delegation (HEBREW) MA Tilovich Levi Sarit Prof. Zehavit Gross
2017 Physical activity, nutrition and parental involvement physical fitness, sense of coherence and self-efficacy as means of reducing violence among students (HEBREW) PhD Yeshayahu, Malka Prof. Zehavit Gross