Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2021 Relationship between the big-five, tolerance of ambiguity, fundamental interpersonal relations orientation (FIRO), machiavellianism and counseling self-efficacy among school counselors (HEBREW) PhD Applboyim, Limor Prof. Arie Cohen
Prof. Nir Madjar
2021 Relationship between optimism-pessimism and adaptation, psychological well-being and life satisfaction of students at the beginning of their studies in junior high school (HEBREW) PhD Engelberg, David Prof. Arie Cohen
Prof. Nir Madjar
2018 "Mothers voice" :Motherhood experience of mothers of children with behavioral disorders : phenomenological research (HEBREW) PhD Menzin, Daniela Prof. Arie Cohen
2015 The relationship between rejection sensitivity, conflict resolution skills and coping with breakup among adolescent couple (HEBREW) MA Benisho-Melumad, Oshrat Dr. Zeev Apel
Prof. Arie Cohen
2014 Effect of a PAIRS method marriage enrichment guide training program on trainees’ differentiation of self and conflict management ability (HEBREW) MA Dahouh-Halevi, Hadar Dr. Zeev Apel
Prof. Arie Cohen
2012 The relationship between heterosocial competence and conflict resolution skills among adolescence couples (HEBREW) MA Axelrod-Charny, Alexandra Dr. Zeev Apel
Prof. Arie Cohen
2012 The relationship between rejection sensitivity and conflict resolution skills among adolescent couples (HEBREW) MA Haris, Lee Dr. Zeev Apel
Prof. Arie Cohen
2009 The connnection between "mass media" curriculum and civic perceptions, democratic attitudes and involvement in democratic processes amang Israeli high school students (HEBREW) PhD Alt, Dorit Prof. Arie Cohen
2009 The emotional stroop effect in restricting type and binge eating/purging type of anorexia nervosa (HEBREW) PhD Elish, Sigalit Prof. Arie Cohen
2009 The underlying dimensions of math anxiety: an alternative measure to math anxiety in Hebrew (HEBREW) PhD Fridkin, Shimon Prof. Arie Cohen
2009 The influence of homophony in the Hebrew language on the Stroop effect (HEBREW) MA Salame Glanz, Neta Prof. Arie Cohen
2009 Under the surface : the relationship between explicit and implicit aspects of acculturation and adaptation among immigrant teachers and students from the former Soviel Union in Israel PhD Zak, Irina Dr. Avigail Yinon
Prof. Arie Cohen
2008 A New inventory for measuring modes of existence and its relationship to personality characteristics and values (HEBREW) PhD Feldman, Michal Prof. Arie Cohen
2007 The relationships among context, sport involvement, social cognition and moral reasoning of athlet[e]s and non-athlet[e]s [in] adolescence (HEBREW) PhD Fishman-Furman, Sari Prof. Arie Cohen
2007 Authenticity as a facet of differentiation of self and its relation to a marital adjustment (HEBREW) PhD Hupert, Sarit Prof. Arie Cohen
2007 The Classification of the depressive phenomena: a test of a model (HEBREW) PhD Levy, Michal Prof. Arie Cohen
Prof. Israel Or-Bach
2007 Episodes from the personal history of female immigrants from the CIS: life in the USSR, assimilation into Israeli society and the conversion experience - narrative survey (HEBREW) PhD Mor, Vered Prof. Arie Cohen
2007 The emotional Stroop effect among children who are exposed to continuance threat of "kassam" rocket attacks (HEBREW) MA Zilberman, Gili Prof. Arie Cohen
2006 The relationship between self-esteem, violence and depression among young adults (HEBREW) MA Afgin, Sivan Prof. Arie Cohen
2005 Alternative assessment in teacher education colleges: the relationship between openness to change, pedagogical beliefs, knowledge in assessment and the extent of using an alternative assessment of learning achievements (HEBREW) PhD Amrani, Nissim Prof. Arie Cohen
2005 Strategies for mathematical word problems posing: relating heuristic strategies and characteristics for word problems posing with word problems solving strategies and efficiency (HEBREW) PhD Barat, Dorit Prof. Arie Cohen
2005 Cognitive and emotional processes that students with learning disabilities experience in their struggle to achieve a matriculation certificate (HEBREW) PhD Givon, Sara Prof. Arie Cohen
2005 Metacognitive training in solving linguistic analogies and its effect on students’ spelling ability (HEBREW) PhD Har-Zvi, Shirley Prof. Arie Cohen
Prof. Rachel Schiff
2005 Parental discourse at the stage of filling out the "questionnaire on placement preference" on the eve of a son’s conscription into an IDF combat unit (HEBREW) PhD Luski, Avishi Prof. Arie Cohen
Prof. Yaacov Katz
2005 Changes in the religious sphere among female Ulpana graduates studying at Bar-Ilan University (HEBREW) MA Scheinowitz, Ruthi Prof. Arie Cohen