Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2015 The relationship between rejection sensitivity, conflict resolution skills and coping with breakup among adolescent couple (HEBREW) MA Benisho-Melumad, Oshrat Dr. Zeev Apel
Associate Prof. Arie Cohen
2014 Effect of a PAIRS method marriage enrichment guide training program on trainees’ differentiation of self and conflict management ability (HEBREW) MA Dahouh-Halevi, Hadar Dr. Zeev Apel
Associate Prof. Arie Cohen
2013 The relation between perceptions about sexual assault and exposure to explicit sexual contents on the internet among boys and girls in adolescence (HEBREW) MA Klein, Merav Dr. Zeev Apel
Prof. Shlomo Romi
2013 The relationship between empathy, differentiation and triangulation in family (HEBREW) MA Nadav-Kesari, Ruth Dr. Zeev Apel
2013 The relationship between personal differentiation and the level of equality between the quality of married in the transition to parenthood among couples (HEBREW) MA Revivo, Natali Dr. Zeev Apel
Prof. Shlomo Romi
2012 The relationship between heterosocial competence and conflict resolution skills among adolescence couples (HEBREW) MA Axelrod-Charny, Alexandra Dr. Zeev Apel
Associate Prof. Arie Cohen
2012 The relationship between the experience of pain, hope and growth, following breakup among adolescents and emerging adults (HEBREW) MA Dayan, Hani Dr. Zeev Apel
2012 The relationship between rejection sensitivity and conflict resolution skills among adolescent couples (HEBREW) MA Haris, Lee Dr. Zeev Apel
Associate Prof. Arie Cohen
2008 The relationship between equality and the quality of marriage among young religious couples (HEBREW) MA Glazz, Tzofia Dr. Zeev Apel
2007 The relation between differentiation, stress associated with the parental role and role division between spouses upon entering parenthood (HEBREW) MA Madmony-Azoulay, Merav Dr. Zeev Apel
2006 The relation between humor, differentiation of self, triangulation on family and marital satisfaction (HEBREW) MA Zeev-Kamissa, Orly Dr. Zeev Apel
2004 The influence of marital enrichment program (PAIRS) on differentiation of self, differentiation of original family, anxiety and marriage adjustment, among prisoners (HEBREW) MA Aharon, Iris Dr. Zeev Apel
2004 Attachment, differentiation and marital satisfication (HEBREW) MA Issac-Kerner, Roni Dr. Zeev Apel
2003 The relation between similarity in the level of differentiation, triangulation in parent - child relationships and marital satisfaction (HEBREW) MA Korat, Anat Dr. Zeev Apel
2002 A comparision between students who live in a residential school and external students who learn in the same school in relation to social values, social skills and social anxiety (HEBREW) MA Hereshekoviz, Ester Dr. Zeev Apel