Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2022 Generation of bridging and predictive inferences during reading comprehension : a brain stimulation study (HEBREW) MA Ohayon, Tamar Dr. Menahem Yeari
Prof. Nira Mashal
2022 Effect of meta-strategic learning and engagement level on reading comprehension of adolescents : an intervention study (HEBREW) MA Rasouly Belfer, Atalia Dr. Menahem Yeari
2021 Centrality deficit in readers with dyslexia : evidence from a think-aloud study (HEBREW) MA Ben Yosef, Orit Dr. Menahem Yeari
2021 Effect of amount and type of intervention in electronic books of listening comprehension and words learning of pre-school children (HEBREW) MA Hadad, Adi Dr. Menahem Yeari
2020 Centrality deficit of poor comprehenders : evidence from a think-aloud study (HEBREW) MA Lantin, Shirley Dr. Menahem Yeari
2020 Centrality deficit of readers with ADHD : evidence from a think-aloud study (HEBREW) MA Lavi, Anat Dr. Menahem Yeari
2020 Centrality effect in poor comprehenders evidence from an eye-tracking study (HEBREW) MA Shemesh, Noa Dr. Menahem Yeari
2019 Origion of the centrality deficit in individuals with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (HEBREW) MA Schifer, Lee Dr. Menahem Yeari
2018 The effect of independent causal questioning on children with different levels of reading comprehension skills (HEBREW) MA Vinokur, Helen Dr. Menahem Yeari
2017 Developmental differences in inference generation and text processing in reading comprehension of typically developing readers (HEBREW) MA Keypur-Ladani, Rotem Dr. Menahem Yeari
2016 Are readers with dyslexia impaired in reading comprehension beyond their reading deficit? inference generation, text processing, and working memory of readers with dyslexia (HEBREW) MA Raichelson, Shir Prof. Rachel Schiff
Dr. Menahem Yeari
2016 Reading comprehension deficits of poor comprehenders: inference generation, text processing and working memory (HEBREW) MA Rosenfeld, Shiri Dr. Menahem Yeari
2015 Reading comprehension deficits of readers with ADHD : text processing, inference generation and working memory (HEBREW) MA Avramovich, Adi Dr. Menahem Yeari
2015 Does developmental dyslexia originate in visuo-attention deficit? : evidence from visual recognition tasks of multi-symbol strings (HEBREW) MA Isser, Michal Prof. Rachel Schiff
Dr. Menahem Yeari