Theses & Dissertations


Year Student Advisor
2018 Educational reforms and teachers unions in Israel (2001-2011) (HEBREW) PhD Sorek, Zion Prof. Haim Gaziel
2017 The involvement of non government organizations in the implementation of educational policy (HEBREW) PhD Gali, Y. Prof. Haim Gaziel
2015 Changes in the social and professional status of Israeli teachers as reflected in Knesset committees and reforms between 1963 and 2008 (HEBREW) PhD Mendelevitz, Iris Prof. Haim Gaziel
2015 Technological innovation as a ground for parental attitudes in choosing a school, their satisfaction, and their marketing among target audiences (HEBREW) PhD Schreier-Schneider, Nurit Prof. Haim Gaziel
2013 Forty-five years to the education reform - why it was implemented only partially? (HEBREW) MA Carmeli, Amit Prof. Haim Gaziel
2012 The Ethiopian immigrants’ education policy : decisions vs. implementation (HEBREW) MA Raviv, Orly Prof. Haim Gaziel
2012 Principals’ authentic leadership and psychological empowerment as antecedents of teachers’ citizenship and withdrawal behaviors (HEBREW) MA Tsemach, Sigalit Prof. Haim Gaziel
Prof. Orly Shapira-Lischinsky
2010 The relationship between teachers’ perceptions of school team culture and school effectiveness: a comparative study (HEBREW) MA Aziel, Viki Prof. Haim Gaziel
Prof. Orly Shapira-Lischinsky
2010 The equality policy ethos in the Jewish sector of Israel’s educational system: 1953-2005 (HEBREW) PhD Yosef, Galit Prof. Haim Gaziel
2009 Motives (visible and hidden) in the establishment of the Torah-oriented elementary schools in the city of Petach Tikva (HEBREW) MA Kimel, Avraham Prof. Haim Gaziel
2008 The Relationship among community center managers’ leadership style, communication patterns and affective commitment of employees (HEBREW) MA Farhadian, Shirin Prof. Haim Gaziel
2007 The relationship among coeducational versus single-sex classrooms patterns of classroom violence and class climate (HEBREW) MA Sochatzevski, Lea Prof. Haim Gaziel
2006 Correlations of student achievement at elementary state schools - the case of the Israeli North district (HEBREW) MA Alon, Yardena Prof. Haim Gaziel
2006 The implementation process of the special education law in Israel (HEBREW) PhD Shaked, Lea Prof. Haim Gaziel
2005 The effect of school-based management on the burnout level of the principal (HEBREW) MA Lev Haim, Einat Prof. Haim Gaziel
2005 Factors associated with role stress and burnout among principals of general and special education schools (HEBREW) MA Sarig, Smadar Prof. Haim Gaziel
2004 Teacher perceived self efficacy and empowerment in school based management and in traditional school: a comparative perspective (HEBREW) MA Mezamer Tov, Avital Prof. Haim Gaziel
2003 The relationship between types of parent involvement and the academic achievements of their children (HEBREW) PhD Treger, Hedva Prof. Haim Gaziel
2002 The levels of self management as perceived by teachers and principles in self managed schools and traditional schools, a comparative research (HEBREW) MA Haviv Arbiv, Racheli Prof. Haim Gaziel
Dr. Mark M. Wasserstein-Warnet
2001 The effectiveness of the new nurture index as a resource allocation instrument (HEBREW) MA Shalom, Yehezkel Prof. Haim Gaziel
2001 The attitudes of students, teachers and principals toward the implementation of the extended school day program (HEBREW) MA Sharon, Pazit Prof. Haim Gaziel
1999 The effects of in-service training program on the educational attitudes and professional identity of Israeli retired Army officers (HEBREW) MA Binyamini, Ronit Prof. Haim Gaziel
Associate Prof. Joseph Klein
1998 The effect of type training institute on commitment, self esteem, professional esteem and on principals-teachers' preferences (HEBREW) MA Laufer, Vered Prof. Haim Gaziel
1997 A comparison of the level of effectiveness of autonomous schools to other schools in Israel (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Yael bat Uri Prof. Haim Gaziel
1997 Prestige of local schools vs inter - regional schools as concieved by parents, and the differences in students' achievements as related to school type in religious governmental high schools (HEBREW) MA Lazar Ruth Prof. Haim Gaziel