HaLev, The Center for Simulation in Education

Simulation-based learning has become increasingly popular as a training tool in various professions in recent decades. Today simulations are used as a key component in aviation, medicine, social work and other professional training.

HaLev, The Center for Simulation in Education, is the first training and research center of its kind in the world, dedicated to providing simulation-based training and professional development in the field of education. The center provides educators with a unique simulation-based learning experience focused on the dynamics of conflict transformation and the practice of interpersonal communication skills such as active listening, empathy, building trust, giving feedback, assertiveness and more. 

The workshops take place in the state-of-the-art Media Labs in the School of Education and use advanced technologies to film and record the simulations. The workshops are led by a staff of professional facilitators and actors who undergo extensive ongoing training. Each workshop is individually tailored to the needs and interests of the specific group of educators participating, with scenarios based on first-hand accounts of common conflicts encountered in their daily work. The participants always play themselves while actors play the role of the conflictual "other." 

Experts in the fields of simulation-based learning and education at HaLev developed the inquiry methodology used during the workshops based on an interdisciplinary approach that borrows from the theoretical frameworks of Experiential and Transformative Learning, Social and Emotional Learning and Conflict Transformation. After each simulation, a video-based debriefing and inquiry process takes place, during which participants are invited to observe themselves in action and become familiar with and explore in-depth the overt and covert manifestations and cognitive and emotional aspects of conflictual encounters, with the goal of identifying constructive interactions for future situations. The workshops at HaLev take place in a safe and supportive environment that acknowledges the participants' professional identity and knowledge as the source of relevant insights for identifying a diverse range of possible actions.

HaLev also offers various options for continued learning after the workshops. Participants receive the video file of their simulation with suggestions for individual and group use in various training and professional development contexts. HaLev also produces instructional videos in Hebrew, Arabic and English that can be found on our website and on youtube and are also based on common conflicts in education. The videos can be used individually and independently, or they can be incorporated into a broader instructional kit with suggestions for further use and learning.

Semel – Simulation in Teaching

Many senior staff of the Ministry of Education and presidents of education colleges around the country have participated in simulation workshops at HaLev and examined their quality and effectiveness in advancing the training of educators and teachers. In light of the understanding that HaLev Center develops and maintains meaningful and effective training programs for the advancement of training, specialization and professional development processes in education, the Administrative branch of the Ministry of Education created Semel – The Simulations for Teaching program. Semel funds these unique and effective learning experiences free of cost to educators and teachers in all positions and ranks. 


For more information, please check out HaLev, The Center for Simulation in Education (Hebrew)