Theses & Dissertations

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Year Student Advisor
2020 Social and cultural factors predicting nutrition and eating patterns of Arab and Jewish youth in Israel (HEBREW) MA Habiballah, Lameess Prof. Yossi Harel-Fisch
2020 Centrality deficit of readers with ADHD : evidence from a think-aloud study (HEBREW) MA Lavi, Anat Dr. Menahem Yeari
2020 Semantic effects on oral implicit and explicit morphological processing : comparison between typical readers and readers with dyslexia (HEBREW) MA Marton, Reut Prof. Rachel Schiff
2020 Scientific inquiry-based style: hands on, minds on and virtual lab : effects on high-school students' inquiry skills attitudes, science knowledge, and socially shared regulation of learning (HEBREW) MA Shaked Dana Dr. Tova Michalsky
2020 Impact of specific instruction vs. generic instruction for expressive arts assignment on creativity and self and co regulated learning (HEBREW) MA Wolfson, Tsipora Dr. Tova Michalsky
2019 Mid-level leaders as boundary managers and team effectiveness : the impact of functional heterogeneity and mid-level leaders' personality traits from the big five typology (HEBREW) MA Abergel, Oren Dr. Pascale Benoliel
2019 Emotional intelligence and psychological capital amongst students with intellectual disabilities (ID) who participate in adapted academic enrichment and students with ID who are fully integrated in regular courses (HEBREW) MA Abu-Salah Jabali, Sana Prof. Lifshitz Hefziba
2019 Life stories told by adults with ASD : personal identities, quality of life, and future orientation (HEBREW) MA Ahimeir-Carmel, Osnat Prof. Lifshitz Hefziba
2019 The contribution of mentoring through empathy and caring for the perception of competence and developing a positive future thinking among religious girls at risk who participate in the SELA program on behalf of Yedidim (HEBREW) MA Alimi, Adi Prof. Zehavit Gross
2019 Concerns, knowledge, experience and attitudes about sexuality among adolescents with autistic spectrum disorders and their parents (HEBREW) MA Arbel-David, Efrat Prof. Nirit Bauminger-Zviely
2019 Effects of intervention for mutual peer mediation on peer interaction and learning motivation in computerized environment in the classroom (HEBREW) PhD Atzmon Mordoch, Lea Prof. Offir Baruch, Prof. Emeritus David Tzuriel
2019 Protective and resilient determinants of mental and functional well-being among Israeli youth (HEBREW) MA Bokobza, Gila Prof. Yossi Harel-Fisch
2019 Influence of pure elaborated feedback on learning from tests (HEBREW) MA Bornstein, Arik Dr. Vered Halamish
2019 Analyzing the connection between various levels of inclusion and the recognition of faces and houses among children with autism, compared to typically developing children (HEBREW) MA Cohen, Odeya Dr. Or Catz, Prof. Nira Mashal
2019 Experiential significance of child-rearing alongside household dogs and cats: the child's and mother's point of view (HEBREW) MA Corona, Liron Prof. Deborah Court, Dr. Waniel Ariela
2019 Do depressive symptoms mediate the connection between social support, suicidial thpoughts and non - suicidal self-injury? (HEBREW) MA Daka, Doaa Prof. Nir Madjar
2019 Perception of the life roles : gender, work and motherhood and the development of a career perception among daughters to a careerist mother (HEBREW) MA Dayan, Chen Prof. Zehavit Gross, Dr. Maya Cohen-Malayev
2019 Jewish prisoner functionaries (Kapos) in the concentration and extermination camps of the holocaust : survivors' testimonies and judgmental attitudes given the perspective of time (HEBREW) MA Erlan, Pnina Orbach Prof. Erik H. Cohen
2019 Connection between principals' leadership style, self-regulation and shared regulation in teachers' learning and school efficiency (HEBREW) MA Flaeshman, Lior Dr. Tova Michalsky
2019 Value of combined metacognitive-emotional support during mathematics "interactive storytelling" in kindergarten on SRL and problem solving (HEBREW) MA Gadasi, Zohar Prof. Bracha Kramarski
2019 Cyberbullying among adolescents : victims characteristics and digital literacy, stress condition, and mediating resilience resources (HEBREW) PhD Gefen, Amir Prof. Zehavit Gross, Prof. Tali Heiman
2019 Examination of statistical learning, implicit and explicit, via artificial grammar learning task in visual and auditory modalities comparison between poor and skilled spellers (HEBREW) MA Gilad Partiano, Rotem Dr. Shani Kahta, Prof. Rachel Schiff
2019 Role of teacher's psychological support and parental relation in non-suicidal self-injury behaviors among youth (HEBREW) MA Goldenberg, Shir Ester Prof. Nir Madjar
2019 Do e-book story expansions contribute to story comprehension amongst LSES preschoolers beyond individual factors (HEBREW) MA Goral, Dikla Prof. Ofra Korat
2019 Metacognitive manifestations during engineering tasks among preschool children from different cultural background and its relation to mathematical problem solving (HEBREW) MA Gurevitz, Rivka Dr. Ornit Spektor-Levy