Ethics Committee

Guidelines on how to submit a request to the Ethics Committee:


Request approval by the Ethics Committee of Education


Student research:

Students who are about to submit a research proposal for a master's/Ph.D. degree should consult with their advisor regarding the need to submit a request to the Ethics Committee of the School of Education. For this purpose, the students must fill out and submit the application form, which relates to the central subjects in the field of ethics, and enables a focused investigation of the subject between the supervisor and the research student.

We wish to emphasize in general the importance of a number of factors. These include subjects related to experimental and correlational studies, parental approval for minors and informed consent, adaptation of research and research tools to the developmental level of participants, approval of relevant institutions and authorities, possibility of refusing participation or discontinuing research at any stage without fear or injury, participants, and keeping records and keeping them in accordance with the law. Advisors and research students should be aware of the ethical rules as articulated in the Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct and in medical implications of the Public Health Regulations (Human Experiments on Human Subjects, 1980). These documents can be found here:

  1. Advisors who decide that there is no need to request approval by the Ethics Committee because they choose to handle the matter personally, will, at the time of submission of the master's/doctoral thesis proposal, include a signed request by the research students and the facilitators that they wish not to have the committee handle their request directly.
  2. Instructors who request (for various reasons) the approval of the Ethics Committee of the School of Education, should have the students researchers submit the request.
  3. If the Ethics Committee so requests, an amended application must be submitted in accordance with the comments.

Forms relating to the Ethics Committee (2019)


Academic faculty research:

Faculty members who wish to obtain the approval of the Ethics Committee for their research should submit the request to the committee. Faculty members who require approval by the committee in order to promote their research at the University Research Authority and elsewhere will apply to the Ethics Committee of the School of Education and then turn to the University Ethics Committee, which is the sole body authorized to issue the relevant certificate or approval. Needless to say, the University Ethics Committee will not discuss applications that did not pass through the School of Education Ethics Committee.

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Chairman of the Ethics Committee: Dr. Sigal Eden

Members of the Committee: Dr. Mimi Alfassi, Dr. Pascal Ben Oliel, Prof. Eli Holzer, Dr. Yossi Harel Fish, Dr. Meni Yaari, Dr. Nir Madjar, Dr. Anat Moed, Prof. David Passig