Learning and Teaching Sciences

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Master's degree in Learning and Teaching Sciences

Head of program: Dr. Tova Michalsky


The Learning and Teaching Sciences program at Bar-Ilan University is based on an integrative approach to the acquisition of theoretical and practical knowledge in the areas of learning, teaching, and curriculum; learning in innovative studying environments, professional learning, study planning and teaching of knowledge. The studies provide an academic and practical basis for working in formal and informal educational frameworks. The aim is to train graduates who will advance their expertise in the areas of learning, teaching and educational activity in these fields in Israel.



For whom is the program designed?

  1. Experienced educators who want to advance and specialize in different positions:
  2. Teachers and educators who wish to specialize in learning and teaching
  3. Pedagogical instructors - on behalf of the Ministry of Education
  4. "Pisga" advisors - on behalf of the Ministry of Education
  5. Educational supervisors - on behalf of the Ministry of Education
  6. Developers of curriculum programs – on behalf of the Ministry of Education
  7. Education assessment coordinators working in schools
  8. Coordinators of continuing education programs
  9. Subject coordinators in "Tapuach V'Eshkolot Payis B'Lumdai Mada'im" programs
  10. Curriculum coordinators in local authority

What makes our study program unique?

Studies are built so that students can attend classes one day a week (first year) and study through online courses (second year). The curriculum allows students to combine work with studies and is suitable for teachers on sabbaticals.

Our professors are experts and researchers in the field of contemporary teaching and learning processes, theories of learning, pedagogical strategies, new methods in teaching, and cognition of learning.

Our study program is at the heart of education. Students learn about all that occurs around curriculum development i.e. teaching approaches, methods of learning, the importance of values and achievement in the classroom, and the dynamic culture of the classroom and school environment.

Our program also trains in the development and evaluation of school and system curricula as well as the advancement of teacher training courses.

Studies include research methods and practice pertaining to all school subjects and unique study programs.


Framework of studies

The curriculum is structured and spread out over a consecutive year and a half. Students must study a full course of study and meet all their study requirements in each of the years of study.


In the first year the courses are spread throughout semester A, semester B, and the summer semester of the school year.

During semesters A and B the courses are concentrated and taught on Monday from 8:00 to 20:00.

In the second year, courses are online and are taught in semester A of the school year.  

In addition, the students are required to fulfill basic Jewish and English studies, as detailed on the website of the M.A. committee: http://graduate-school.biu.ac.il/takanon

Course structure and days of study are subject to change from academic year to academic year.


Tracks of studies

Track A: Master's degree with thesis

Track A is intended for students interested in obtaining a master's degree (M.A.), including written research work (thesis) as part of the curriculum. Studies include theoretical knowledge and professional skills alongside academic and research development. The studies in the program are designed to enable combining a job with the continuing general academic studies in addition to studies for receiving a doctorate in particular.

The theoretical studies in this track are 18 hours per year, spread over one day a week for two consecutive years. After the completion of the theoretical studies, students are given an additional (third) year to submit their thesis.

Curriculum for 2018-2019 academic school year (1st year) https://education.biu.ac.il/files/education/shared/mdy_hlmydh_tsht_mslvl_.pdf

Curriculum for 2018-2019 academic school year (2nd year)



Track B: Master's degree without thesis

Track B is intended for students who wish to obtain a master's degree (M.A.) without writing a thesis. Studies include theoretical knowledge and professional skills, and participation in research courses. Students studying in this track are required to pass a final examination on material to be determined by the M.A. Committee of the School of Education.

The theoretical studies in this track are 22 hours per year, spread over a one day per week for two consecutive years.

Curriculum for 2018-2019 academic school year (1st year) https://education.biu.ac.il/sites/education/files/shared/mdy_hlmydh_tsht_mslvl_b_002.pdf

Curriculum for 2018-2019 academic school year (2nd year) https://education.biu.ac.il/sites/education/files/shared/tknl_tshkh_mslvl_b_shnh_b.pdf


Admissions Requirements

Preference will be given to applicants who are bachelors' degree graduates in education or other fields with experience in education with an average grade of 82 and above.

Applicants must be educators and/or teachers and/or supervisors involved in education. Outstanding requests will be discussed in special cases.

Registration Process

1. Applicants must register through the online registration form.

2. After registering, the following documents must be sent:

  • Bachelor's degree graduation diploma - official and original (should include the stamp of the accredited university or establishment, signature, and establishment logo)
  • Teaching certification certificate – official and original (should include the stamp of the accredited university or establishment, signature, and establishment logo)

The above-mentioned documents can be sent in two formats:
Mail: M.A. Admissions Committee, Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, 5290002

Physically handed over: Mador Shema (building 605), Sun-Thurs from 8:00-18:00

  1. Two recommendations must be sent – a letter of recommendation from an employer and an academic recommendation (students who completed their degree requirements beyond the two year period can instead submit two letters of recommendation letters from an employer).
    1. Academic recommendation form (Hebrew) - Recommendations from a lecturer in an academic course (preferably a seminar course)
    2. Letter of recommendation from an employer (Hebrew) - Recommendation from a professional who knows the candidate from field experience.
      • Two letters of recommendation from an employer can be sent instead of one of each recommendation (and vice versa)
  2. Applicants must fill out an applicant profile https://education.biu.ac.il/files/education/shared/shlvn_mdy_hlmydh_vhhvrh.doc.docx
  3. An updated CV (curriculum vida) must be sent

The abovementioned documents can be sent in the one of the following formats:
Email: toar2edu@biu.ac.il

Fax: (03-738-4123)

Mail: School of Education, M.A. degree department, Learning and teaching sciences' Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan 5290000

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For more information, please refer to the program secretary:
Mail: Avigail.Erez@biu.ac.il

Fax: 03-738-4123

Tel: 03-531-8456

Calling hours are Sunday-Thursday, 10:30-11:30 and 13:30-14:30

Reception hours are Sundays and Wednesdays: 11:30-14:00, Mondays and Thursdays: 8:30-10:30