Science Teaching Program


Program objectives

The objective of the specialization in teaching science is to focus on the training of researchers and curriculum designers and evaluators, at all levels of the studies existing in Israel in the field of science teaching.

Multi-disciplinary study center. 30% of the curriculum is taught in the Faculties of Life Sciences and Exact Sciences.

Studies in the program contribute to the professional development of science teachers and enable them to carry out research as well as to initiate and implement pedagogical innovations in science teaching professions.



  • Applicants must be university graduates (B.Sc. with teaching certificate) in life sciences or exact sciences, and have teaching experience.
  • Applicants with B.Ed. degree may also enroll.


Supplemental courses

  • If the GPA in undergraduate studies is lower than 80, supplemental courses in the Faculty of Exact sciences and/or Life sciences are required.
  • Undergraduate course in statistics
  • In the case of an absence of a teaching certificate, there is no possibility of taking supplemental courses.


Special notes

  • Courses in the Faculty of Exact sciences or Life sciences can be selected from the Bachelor's degree electives or the Master's degree programs. Students must receive a numeric grade as opposed to merely a "passing" grade.
  • Students must obtain prior approval from the head of the academic office.
  • Registration for courses in the sciences is subject to availability. Students in the respective sciences faculties are given priority.
  • Course prerequisites apply equally to students in the Teaching science program.
  • Final project assignments include assignments equivalent to the bibliography exam.



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Program director - Dr. Michal Zion


Center for Science Teaching

School of Education at Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan, 52900 Israel

Tel: Office 7384603-03 Mobile - 8807365-050

Email: Michal.zion @

Fax: 7384029-03


Those wishing to enroll in the Science teaching program must complete the application form at the end of the booklet and send it separately to the secretariat of the Master's degree committee of the School of Education.

Last Updated Date : 20/11/2017